A Betfair UK Irish Horse Racing Market In-Play Bot That Works Hands Free

Betfair Market In-Play Bot

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Betfair Horse Racing In-Running That Is Profitable


I sell a Betfair pre horse race off swing trade bot on this website that is very profitable, why not have the best of both worlds, trade horse race pre off and in-play?

This in-play betfair bot that works on UK and Irish horse racing runs hands free and is very selective on the races it trades in-play.

The bot only places back bets into the Betfair horse race market so no large lay liabilities to worry about!

What stakes does it use by default?

The default betfair stake value is £2 which can be changed quite easily.

How much profit does it make per trade?

With a £2 stake it will make no less than £2 and it can make more profit depending on the market prices but remember all trades do not win!

Will you lose on some betfair trades?

Off course not all trades win but it's about making more profit in the long term.

Does it trade on all horse races?

No, it is specific about which UK and Irish horses races it trades on. The bot will automatically select the correct horse race to trade in.

What trading platform does the bot use?

The bot uses the great Bet Angel software you simply load the file into Bet Angel it's that easy!

You will require Bet Angel software for this which costs £29 per month.