A Betfair UK Irish Horse Racing Market Swing Trading Bot That Works Hands Free

Betfair Swing Trading Bot

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Betfair Swing Trading Bot That Works

Have you ever traded on the Betfair exchanges using swing trading using a trading software like Bet Angel Professional etc?   https://www.betangel.com/
Bet Angel software is the best trading software out there in the market in my opinion. I have been using this since 2007.

Most people fail at swing trading as the market normally bullies them into mistakes it's as simple as that or large stakes and potential losses play havoc with their emotions.

Yes you can put small amouts in the market and repeat the processs but more potential to get it wrong.

I like swing trading on the back and lay side of the horse racing market for UK and Irish horse racing.

I have a Bet Angel rules file that can be loaded into Bet Angel that swing trades automatically!

Yes hands free!

It does not trade every race as one rule does not fit all markets.

Yes you will get a losing trade it's inevitable!

This rules determines automatically the best market to swing trade and then determines to back or lay a selection.

The bot will close out for a profit at a certain value and the same applies for a loss position in the Betfair market. These values can be changed easily.

How much do you trade?

The default value is £100 stake this can be changed quite easily.

The bot removes all emotion from your Betfair swing trading and thus eliminates mistakes it can be left to trade all day on the UK and Irish Horse racing Betfair markets.

So if it is that good why sell it?

The world wide economy looks bleak for the next 5 years.

I believe in helping people you give and you receive it's that simple.

I have spent a great deal of time and money perfecting this so I have to charge a large amout for it as you would expect plus it prevents people copying and passing it on!
Is This For you?
Most new Betfair traders fail at trading as it is not easy and is a very steep learning curve trust me I have been there. If you are currently trading and want to jump ahead of the queue and save a great deal of time, this is for you!

You will require Bet Angel software for this which costs £29 per month.


We do not accept returns for this product for the obvious reasons!