Betfair Trading Fully Automated Profitable UK And Irish Horse Racing Lay Bot

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This Betfair Horse Racing Lay Bot Trades At Less than 1.35 

Fully Automated Let The Bot Do The Work!


In my opinion it uses the best Automated Betfair trading software on the market Bet Angel.
You will need Bet Angel software to run this Bot as you will be supplied the automation Bot rules file to load into Bet Angel.

You will also need a Betfair account.

Once you have loaded the Bot Rule file you are ready to start making money.

You can use stakes as small as £2 per UK and Irish races and the profits start to roll in.

Let's get straight to the point you want to leave your 9 to 5 job?

You have heard of Betfair trading?

But ask yourself a question is it easy?

I have done all the hard work and it takes about a year to make money from Betfair trading and you will lose alot of money
during the process before you get success!  

Why waste time when you can buy this bot?    
No Brainer!

These small profits do add up during the day.

Sit back and let the Bot do the work.