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Each Way Double Tipsters

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Are you always looking for the best each way double tipsters?


If yes, then please read on as you will probably be missing out on (in my opinion) the best UK horse racing doubles tipster. Picking one winner in horse racing is very difficult as you are probably aware and when you lose it hurts emotionally and financially. Our each way double bets are produced automatically by our own bespoke software and it does throw up large priced each way double bets. When this type of bet wins you are looking at massive profits and this is what we all aim for.

Our software looks for certain patterns in UK horse races and we exploit these via each way double bets. There will be some days where there is not a bet so you just leave the horse racing alone for those days.

So why do punters like each way double bets on horses?


Quite simply they want a bigger return for their stake it is that simple. The returns on each way double bets can be massive if you have two horses with decent prices. I personally favour horses with odds above decimal 5.0 on the Betfair betting exchange. I am not keen on short priced doubles as you have to have a high strike rate to be profitable in the long term.

So why am I an each way double tipster?


Basically I find trying to select profitable horse each way double bets fascinating, I love the puzzle and obviously the large financial reward. There are many betting tipsters out there some successful and some not. You normally have to pay these tipsters for their service and I am no different. If you can provide value then you should be rewarded.

So what is my approach to each way double bets on horses?


I mainly focus my attention on UK handicap horse races as these provide some juicy betting odds which results in more profit and is best suited to each way double betting. I have basically modelled these types of horse races over many years using my own bespoke software and database which I developed over a period of 10 years. I concentrate on UK handicap horse races in 3 codes of racing jumps, flat and all weather. Sometimes my software will throw double figure priced horses and that is a bumper pay day if they win. Let us look at a typical example below,


Example Days Racing In The UK


1st March 2023

Lingfield 2.00 Suzis Connoisseur  SP 10/1  Won

Mussleburgh 3.55 Cant Stop Now  SP 10/1  Won

Now there were plenty of other horses that day that won but the odds were too short i.e. less than decimal odds 5.0. A £2 each way double bet on the two horses above would have netted a decent profit of over £200. When these each way bets do win you can afford losing runs as you have so much profit to play with.

However there is a problem and I see this with so many punters, this is the fact that punters expect winners everyday and this is not always possible. After 2 or 3 losing days they give up because they do not understand probability and they lack discipline. It amazes me why punters like 6/4 shots or evens bets on a daily basis I just do not get it.

How to place an each way double bet.


This is where a majority of punters make their first and costly mistake in that they use conventional bookmakers. You should use a betting exchange not the sports book on the betting exchange. I use the Betfair betting exchange all of the time and many years ago I used the Betfair exchange multiples which was excellent but this was removed for some reason.

When I am placing an each way double bet on Betfair I back the first horse in the double and then when the race has finished I adopt two strategies.

  1. If the horse wins I take some of my profit so I cannot lose on the day.
  2. I then take the remaining profit and place it on the second horse in the each way double bet.

If the first horse loses I will back the second horse in the each way double bet as a single bet.

Now you could argue some punters cannot adopt this approach because they may be at work and that is fair enough.

What type of horse races do I specialise in?


I place all of my each way double bets on UK handicap horse races and I do favour flat and all weather racing. UK handicap horse racing is my passion and I love the opportunities these types of races present. They are difficult to assess but my bespoke software picks these horses for me so I do not have to spend time reading horse form.

You pay for what you get.


I believe you pay for what you get in life you cannot expect to pay the same for an average car as compared to sports car it is that simple. My service is priced so that I ensure I attract the right punters who understand probability and have the discipline.

You will receive 1 months of double tips which are emailed to you on the days racing before 12pm.