Professional UK Daily Tips - My Personal Bets 1 Month

Professional UK Daily Tips - My Personal Bets 1 Month

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These are my selections that I bet on every day that you will profit from.

I normally have 1 to 3 bets per day that will be emailed to you on the day's racing.

I only bet in UK handicap horse races.

You have seen my free horse racing tips but unfortunately I cannot post these for free as they would be on social media within 5 minutes of me posting these selections on my website.

I only want serious punters who understand what you get you pay for!

My pro tips service is not expensive considering what you will get I was originally going to charge £399 per month but this is out of reach of most punters pockets. 

If you are looking at this page then you are probably not getting the winning bets and losing money very fast why do you think bookmakers make so much money?

Basically most punters follow the herd and lose they also back at compressed prices so they lose again and so the cycle carries on as their pockets are picked every time they place a bet.

People will quite easily spend £100 for a meal for 2 in a nice restaurant or purchase the latest gadget and probably repeat this a couple of times per month.

You want money flowing into your pockets not flowing out!

There are cheaper tipping services out there but cheap is not always the best!

You will not be dissappointed.

Please do not ask for free trials or past results.


Mark Horrocks