The S.T.A.G. Horse Racing Betting System

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“This is the most Prolific Winning Racing System I have ever seen”


I have met Neil (Aida Racing) and we have spoken on many occasions in recent years, and I can vouch 100% for his integrity, honesty and professionalism.

This manual has sold for £147 and recently to Neil’s customers for £97, but while his stocks last, I have negotiated a further £20 saving and you can now invest in a copy for just £77.

 The S.T.A.G. Racing System by Aida Racing (Neil Davies, author) was written back in 2005/6 and was designed to find regular winners and it has always done just that.

It is a simple Horse Racing System based on Non-Handicap races. It can and does work in Handicap races, but Non-Handicap races are far more straightforward to assess, and the S.T.A.G. System will show you exactly how to find a consistent supply of winners.


“£30 stake on each of these horses produced a return of £3,060. These are excellent results; it’s certainly the best system that I have used”

Denis – London


  • Uses any newspaper to find the daily selections
  • Non-Handicap races where ability counts
  • Very quick to operate
  • Place your bets any time of the day
  • Proven to be effective for 10 years+



This simple Racing System works consistently well, and you’ll find 100% proof of that in the manual.


Here’s the prices of every winner you’ll find in this manual…


11/4, 5/1, 7/2, 5/1, 3/1, 5/2, 14/1, 4/1, 6/1, 2/1, 5/1, 13/2, 5/1, 7/1, 7/2, 14/1, 5/2,15/8, 11/4, 40/1, 3/1, 13/2, 4/1, 7/1, 4/1, 7/2, 25/1 & 66/1


Introducing The S.T.A.G. Racing System


This System uses a classic ‘scoring’ approach to find a likely winner in any given race. It’s simple and straightforward and can be used with most Newspapers or a Website race card with the usual form information. If you like to back more than one horse in a race, i.e. Dutching, this is an excellent way in which to do that too. This approach is easy to use and quick to work out the qualifying races.



“Dear Neil, I have been using The STAG Racing system for some little time now, and have been accurately monitoring it for the last 20 weeks (5/11/08 – 31/03/09) and it has proved to be most consistent at showing a profit.

The following are facts and figures that the system has achieved for me during this period. Number of selections 453, Number of profit makers 189, (I say profit makers as some were each-way bets), this produced a total of 102 points, with an approx 42% strike rate. Longest losing run 4 days, longest winning run 5 days

Example: - £30 stake on each of these horses produced a return of £3,060. These are excellent results; it’s certainly the best system that I have used.”Denis - London


This is a very simple little system which can help predict the winner in almost any race, however I have concentrated the system on Non-Handicap races of 5-10 runners with around 40% strike rate and winners from 2/1 upwards.


As an average, there are usually 2-4 bets per day, but you can of course just choose the strongest race if you wish and only back in one race. It does not back Odds-on and there have been winners up to and including 66/1!


Discover a simple non-handicap system that works