UK Horse Dutching Selections

UK Horse Dutching Selections

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"Used to make small profits dutching then one race would wipe my profits out for the day. I realised you have to put work into it and this saves me a great deal of time and makes me profit daily, thanks."


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UK Horse Dutching Selections Making It Pay

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You get our dutching selections emailed to you everyday before 12pm for 1 month.


How Did You Dutch On Sunday 25th September 2022

8 out of 9 races were successfull!

How Did You Dutch A Busy Saturday 24th September 2022

16 out of 21 races were successfull!


How Did You Dutch 21st September 2022

7 out of 9 winning bets!

Goodwood 04:45 Good Birthday
Goodwood 04:45 Tommy G
Goodwood 04:45 Pride Of Nepal
Goodwood 04:45 Toronado Grey
Goodwood 04:45 Lawn Ranger
Goodwood 04:45 General Lee
Kempton 06:45 Dancing To Win
Kempton 06:45 Fabricated
Kempton 06:45 Flame Of Freedom
Kempton 06:45 Crystal Casque
Kempton 06:45 Rock Melody
Kempton 06:45 Rosemary And Thyme
Kempton 07:15 Victory
Kempton 07:15 Natchez Trace
Kempton 07:15 Guilin
Kempton 07:15 Sooghan
Kempton 07:15 Miramichi
Kempton 07:15 Silverscape
Perth 04:30 Lough Carra
Perth 04:30 Petite Rhapsody
Perth 04:30 Calliope
Perth 04:30 Rubytwo
Perth 04:30 Coral Blue
Perth 04:30 Nechako
Redcar 04:37 Sugar Baby
Redcar 04:37 Dream Deal
Redcar 04:37 Hot Scoop
Redcar 04:37 So Smart
Redcar 04:37 John Kirkup
Redcar 04:37 Lotus Rose
Redcar 05:08 Key Look
Redcar 05:08 Magical Effect
Redcar 05:08 Kilconquhar
Redcar 05:08 Kingofhell
Redcar 05:08 Hurt You Never
Redcar 05:08 Athollblair Boy
Southwell 07:30 Soi Dao
Southwell 07:30 Bomb Squad
Southwell 07:30 Tantastic
Southwell 07:30 Starter For Ten
Southwell 07:30 Holbache
Southwell 07:30 Capla Spirit
Southwell 08:00 Second Collection
Southwell 08:00 Lucky Shake
Southwell 08:00 Instinction
Southwell 08:00 Colombe
Southwell 08:00 Sampers Seven
Southwell 08:00 Four Adaay
Southwell 08:30 Typewritten
Southwell 08:30 Glen Cove
Southwell 08:30 Arcadian Friend
Southwell 08:30 Smokey Malone
Southwell 08:30 Harmonious
Southwell 08:30 Timesoftheessence

How Did You Dutch This Race 11th September 2022

Chepstow 04:55 Danny Bleu
Chepstow 04:55 Nick Vedder
Chepstow 04:55 Lilandra
Chepstow 04:55 Letter Of The Law
Chepstow 04:55 Mayson Mount
Chepstow 04:55 Accrington Stanley

Our Dutching Selections 6th September 2022 

8 out of 10 winning bets!

Catterick 01:45 Byron Hill
Catterick 01:45 Psyche
Catterick 01:45 Gold Ring
Catterick 01:45 The Dancing Poet
Catterick 01:45 Flat White
Catterick 01:45 Myboymax

Catterick 02:20 Three Saints Bay
Catterick 02:20 Monaadhil
Catterick 02:20 Coaxing
Catterick 02:20 Round The Island
Catterick 02:20 Sfumato
Catterick 02:20 Bankawi

Catterick 02:55 Turbo Command
Catterick 02:55 Twin Appeal
Catterick 02:55 Magical Effect
Catterick 02:55 Idoapologise
Catterick 02:55 Where's Diana
Catterick 02:55 Mr Trevor

Catterick 04:00 Tar Heel
Catterick 04:00 Soller Bay
Catterick 04:00 Lezardrieux
Catterick 04:00 Point Of Woods
Catterick 04:00 Macho Pride
Catterick 04:00 Sweet Glance

Catterick 05:05 Tanasoq
Catterick 05:05 Wrenthorpe
Catterick 05:05 Birkenhead
Catterick 05:05 John Kirkup
Catterick 05:05 Good Luck Fox
Catterick 05:05 Hot Scoop

Goodwood 01:55 Mujid
Goodwood 01:55 City Tour
Goodwood 01:55 Dundory
Goodwood 01:55 Torbellino
Goodwood 01:55 Hashtagmetoo
Goodwood 01:55 Bug Boy

Goodwood 05:20 Lovely Breeze
Goodwood 05:20 Treacherous
Goodwood 05:20 Cashew
Goodwood 05:20 Airshow
Goodwood 05:20 Pettochside
Goodwood 05:20 Antiphon

Hexham 05:25 Nebuchadnezzar
Hexham 05:25 Hats Off To Larry
Hexham 05:25 Pateen
Hexham 05:25 Well Educated
Hexham 05:25 Malangen
Hexham 05:25 Nibras Gold

Hexham 06:55 Henry Brown
Hexham 06:55 Storm Lorenzo
Hexham 06:55 Hidden Cargo
Hexham 06:55 Larry Looby
Hexham 06:55 Mah Mate Bob
Hexham 06:55 Kauto D'Amour

Leicester 05:00 Dazzling Dan
Leicester 05:00 The Daley Express
Leicester 05:00 Foreseeable Future
Leicester 05:00 Van Gerwen
Leicester 05:00 Blissful Song
Leicester 05:00 Mr Pc


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