Best Horse Racing Betting System

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Best Horse Racing Betting System - Paperback/eBook

I have written a number of horse racing betting systems but this is the best one and I use this for most of my racing bets. The key to this system is quality not quantity and looking for horses that tick all the four form variables LP OR CR WD which I will explain later. The system also only looks for horses that are carrying 8 pounds or more in weight which normally means a class drop or the horse has improved.

This best horse racing system works for UK horse races and is simple to follow and allows the busy punter to pick potential winning bets very quickly. This is was one of the earlier books I wrote and still use this now. I also like my recent book outlined below.


Most Profitable Horse Racing System

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Most Profitable Horse Racing System


This is my latest book and I thoroughly recommend it.

Understand the system before placing bets, I hope you enjoy it!