Itv7 Competition

Itv Racing Competition

I have included a page on my website dedicated to the itv competition as I feel this is a free excellent competiton were you have more chance of winning between £1000 to £250,000 than playing the national lottery which you have to pay for. My family enter this competition on a weekly basis and we are quite competative who gets the most winners. 

Getting 7 winners in a day is achieveable and the old saying you have to be in it to win it!

What Is The Itv7 Competition

It is a free to enter horse racing competition where you have to select seven horses from seven horse races and if all seven horses win, you collect the jackpot prize for that horse racing day.

These seven horse races can be a mixture of handicap and non handicap horse races which I will discuss later.

The prize money can vary from £1000 to £250K so at the top of the prize tree it’s worth having a free go.

Although I must say if I got the 7 winners and the prize money was only £1000 I would be pretty upset!

It’s worth placing a £1 accumulator when the prize fund is low just in case!

The link to the Itv7 competition website is below where you can find more competition details and terms and conditions.

From the screen shot below the jackpot prize was only £1000 that day but normally for large horse racing days like the Derby or Cheltenham festival it can be £250K so it is worth entering.

Itv7 Horse Racing Competition


Picking one horse to win is hard enough and made even harder in a competitive handicap horse race.

I like the Itv7 competition because you can win a large amount of money and it is free to enter. One other benefits of this competition is that if you are a serious punter you can then judge yourself if you are any good or not at selecting winning horses!

The screen shot below shows a typical jackpot winner for 5th July 2020    

Itv7 Competition  


Enough about the Itv7 competition let’s look how we can win it.

How To Win The Itv7 Competition?

I previously mentioned finding one winner is hard enough but seven is a tall task. However you have more chance of winning the Itv7 then the lottery jackpot! At least with the Itv7 competition you can use your skill at reading horse racing form to give you a better chance of scooping the prize.

Let’s be honest most punters will either pick the favourites, or via a jockey name or as a last resort the name of the horse when picking their Itv7 selections. We need to have the edge and use our knowledge of horse racing form to stand a decent chance of winning.

Picking The Winners

The Itv7 competition includes two types of horse races.

Handicap Horse Races

These are the most trickiest to solve due to weight handicapping and any novice punter will most likely get caught out here. With the right approach to these horse races these are quite easy to solve as most of the horses in the race have no chance of winning.

My eBook ‘Picking Horse Racing Winners No Problem’ will help you in your horse selection in handicap horse races.


 Itv7 Picking Horse Racing Winners No Problem


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Non Handicap Horse Races ( Group, Maidens, Listed, Novice etc )

These types of races are easier to solve but you still need a good understand of horse racing form.

My book ‘The Two Step Horse Racing System will help you in your horse selection. This eBook works for handicap and non-handicap horses races.


Itv7 The Two Step Horse Racing System


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Itv7 Competition Conclusions

If you are serious about the Itv7 horse racing competition you need to understand horse racing form for handicap and non handicap horses races to stand any chance of winning the jackpot it is as simple as that.

Apart from the Itv7 racing competition the eBooks mentioned will help you to pick winners every day and allowing you to profit from your horse racing.

Good luck!