Are The Best Backed Horses The Best To Profit From

Best Backed Horses On Betfair

In my opinion best backed horses are the worst horses to back on as you are taking a low price as the momentum of punter’s money causes the odds of the horse to shorten considerably. You can combat this by asking for larger decimal odds on Betfair in-play most punters will take the current odds offered. If you add a leading jockey in the jockeys championship who is riding this best backed horse then this is a lethal mix!

Best backed horses are also touted on media portals so this just adds weight to this making the odds tumble. It still amazes me why punters back these horses they graze with the rest of the punters sucking up poor odds. You cannot make money this way you have to back horses at bigger prices than their actual chance of winning it is that simple.



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Monitoring Odds Of Best Backed Horses On Betfair

If you look at a best backed horse 3 minutes before a horse race starts on the Betfair betting exchange you will have seen steady money arriving being backed or traded on the horse until it hits a resistance point, this is where punters/traders do not want to back or trade at this point, in other words they do not like the current decimal odds being offered. You will then see a drift on the horse, the price of the horse will go out. Most traders will lay the best backed horse at this resistance point and catch some easy profit.

Why Not Lay The Best backed Horse On Betfair In-Play

You can make some easy money using small stakes by laying these best backed horses in-play on Betfair. It is even easier if you are using a Bot like Bet Angel software to automate this as it can execute bets or trades far faster than a human with no mistakes!

Using small stakes like £10 profits do ramp up pretty quickly and it is great fun.

With this approach the shortest time you are active in the Betfair market in-play the less risk so if you ask for too much profit then there is a risk attached to this.


Why Not Oppose The Best Backed Horse On Betfair

When the Betfair decimal odds shorten for a best backed horse I tend to ignore these horses as I very rarely bet at the head of the Betfair market I tend to hover around the 3rd and 4th favourite in the horse race. I also apply my horse reading form knowledge to these 3rd and 4th favourite horses in the market.  

I like horses priced between decimal odds 5.0 to 9.0 which are third and fourth favourites for a horse race. I then ask for larger odds on these horses in-play to maximise my profit sometimes staggering my stakes across multiple odds ranges like decimal odds 10.0 15.0 and 20.0 etc. This is a far better approach than being a punter following the herd.


Why You Should Never Dutch A Best Backed Horse

As mentioned early a best backed horse’s Betfair decimal odds will have shortened due to the public following the trend. So when you dutch the horse with some other horses in the race your book value for the race will be high say 80% or more so little profit. You are better ignoring the best backed horse in the race and go for a book value say 40% or less for more profit. Plus if you adopt this approach for lower class races say classes 4, 5 and 6 you can make some good profits dutching without the best backed horse in a race.

Do not follow the herd!