Horse Racing Form Explained

Horse Racing Form Explained Personal Coaching

Crunching UK horse racing form data every day can be difficult and demoralising especially when you are not picking winners and losing money on a daily basis.

I have been there in your shoes and walked every mile you have trying to make some extra money to make ends meet. Ok I was working full time and making a good salary as a freelance computer consultant but I wanted more I loved UK horse racing and thought this would give me a way of bolstering my bank account for better holidays and the finer things in life and more importantly escaping the rat race.

How wrong and stupid and arrogant I was in in my twenties!

I cringe now looking back at my stupidity backing losing horses and now that I am in my 50's we certainly get wiser as we get older. You do learn by your mistake and financial mistakes hurt the most and you learn quicker trust me on this.

So How Much Money Have I lost In My Youth?

Well if I had a figure I would tell you but I never took records of my bets in my twenties which was a big mistake. Always keep a track of bets and horses as you have a audit trail to look back at and a valuable reference point.

What I Did Next To Improve My Horse Racing Betting.

If you have read the 'About Me' page on this website you will know that I wrote computer programs to crunch horse form data in UK horse races. I had built my horse form database and this allowed me to check for UK horse racing form patterns and pick winning horses.

One To One Coaching.

I now took this a step further now that I am retired from the computer industry and offer one to one coachng on reading horse form in the UK more effectively.

You are getting 30 years experience in betting in UK horses races I mainly specialise in handicap horse races.

If you want further details please email me below,