All our UK horse racing betting systems have been tested on 10 years horse form data. We personally use these horse racing betting systems to make daily profits every year. We provide horse laying betting systems and horse dutching systems as well. We particularly like our large priced betfair placed market betting system.

Our books cover UK handicap horse racing as we believe these horse races present the best opportunities. When you bet on horses you have to decide if you are a recreational punter or a professional punter.  A recreational punter who likes a bet on Saturday and on the Grand National and if they lose £10 it is not big loss. But that is not true there are 52 weeks in a year so we could be looking at losses in the hundreds of pounds. My books will help the recreational punter have an edge with very little work. I say to recreational punters at least have a try at reading horse form! 

When I started betting on horses 30 years ago I was a recreational punter and I lost more races than I won. I decided to use Timeform and my betting and profits improved. I then moved onto modelling my own horse form data and this is when I started writing horse racing systems that work in UK handicap horses races. I look back when I was in my 20's and wish I had this knowledge then but life is a learning curve and we make many mistakes along the way.