Best Horse Racing Systems

Best Horse Racing Systems Introduction


I have written many books on best horse racing systems for mainly UK handicap horse races as I prefer this type of horse racing. As horse racing has so many horse form variables horse racing systems can use this information in so many ways in identifying a horse racing system that works and is profitable in the long term! Hopefully this will help you in your quest to find one of the best horse racing systems that you will enjoy.

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What Are Best Horse Racing Systems


My interpretation of a good system is one that makes a profit repeatedly as this is our long term end goal. The horse racing system must be easy to use so that any punter from novice to expert can follow it. The system must be able to use horse form data that is free like the excellent racing post on the internet. A key feature in my opinion to a good horse racing system is that it must be quick to use in terms of applying the system to a horse race. When I say quick I mean no longer than 5 minutes per horse race. The horse racing system must focus on a particular facet of horse racing like handicap chases over 2m or 5f sprints etc. This will reduce the number of races to assess when applying your horse racing system.


What To Expect From Your Best Horse Racing Systems


Most punters expect too much with horse racing systems they tend to expect vast profits after a couple of days it does not work like this. You are in it for the long term i.e. yearly assessment of your profits or losses. You should have a betting bank and use a percentage of this bank per bet. If you are on a losing run do not reduce this percentage or increase it erratically when you are winning.  I always suggest when starting with a new horse racing betting system to paper trade i.e. do not use real money until you understand the system and you see its potential long term.


Which Best Horse Racing Systems To Use


This is a tricky question to answer you will see many horse racing systems when searching Google all claiming  wonders of the world and a punter can get confused. You will most likely have to experiment with a few systems before making your decision. You will also have to pay for any best horse racing systems nothing is free in life. You have a problem with reviews of these systems if they are good every punter will follow and then more punters backing the same horses. Punters latch onto a good thing very quickly so you may have to use discreet horse betting systems that are not plastered over search engines. You need to avoid horse betting systems that employ doubling your stake on a losing run this is the quickest way to the poor house. Avoid betting systems that push ACCAs and push bookmaker affiliate link believe me they only benefit one person. One final point on this you should really go off your gut instinct!


How Much Should You Pay For A Best Horse Racing Systems To Use


This is based primarily on your pocket and how much you are willingly to pay for a typical best horse racing system. In my early days I paid for tipsters and paid them a great deal of money most often with poor results. One approach is to determine what you expect your yearly profit should be from a horse racing system and work out a percentage of that profit you are willing to pay for the system. If you wanted £20K profit per year then 1% would be a good starting pointing point. I get really annoyed when people want everything for free with guaranteed profits to follow it does not work like that in life. How would you feel if your boss said every Friday you work for free I know what your response will be! You could ask for a free trial over a week in terms of bets the horse racing system has picked asking for a month’s free trial is a bit cheeky.


The Future Of Best Horse Racing Systems


Horse racing has changed since I first started 30 years ago especially with advancements of technology and horse training methods. There is more horse racing now which I think is not a good thing but that is for another day. Betting exchanges are more competitive the market seems more correct at the bigger meetings. Any horse racing system will become out of date and will have to evolve with change in the horse racing industry. It is very difficult to get an edge when you are betting. I think if you are a weekend punter who likes betting for fun and you have throw away money then you are ok enjoy this wonderful sport.


Some Of My Best Horse Racing Systems



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