False Favourites Tips Horses

How To Find False Favourite Tips

There is nothing more satisfying when you back a horse favourite to lose in other words you lay the horse. Yo do not want this horse to win it's that simple. But for most punters this is no easy tasks as short priced horses and based on mathematical probability will win more than often if the Betfair decimal odds reflect this.

Most favourites are at low SP or Betfair decimal odds so you woud expect them to win most of the time and they do as the market is genrally right nowadays. The key is to find the false favourites at low Betfair decimal odds like 2.0 or lower.


Why Do I Like Laying False Favourite Horses

I like to lay these false favourites at even lower decimal odds than their pre-race off Betfair decimal odds for less lliability. I sometimes will lay then green up at a higher price it depends on the day and my feel for the race in-play. I use Betangel Betfair trading software to do this for me automatically and I have been using this excellent software since 2007.

It's nice going against the crowd as the majority of punters will follow talking hosres or big trainers and jockey combinations and being hyped up by the press or media.

I like knowing I have N other runners in a race that are on my side!

Plus I do not like backing skinny priced favourites you have to get a large majority of these bets right to make a profit and thats not even factoring in obtaining a higher price for these type of selections.

How To Find False Favourite Tips Horses

You can do the horse form study yourself but this takes a great deal of time and we all live busy lives. I have found a good false favourite advisory service and I normally do not recommend other services on my website but take a look and make your own judgement on this service.

I can recommend this service as they get some great results see email testimonial below.

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