How To Implement Your Own UK Horse Racing Betting System

How To Implement Horse Racing Betting System




This is not as easy as you think and it took me quite some time to implement a UK horse racing betting system that worked automatically on a daily basis. During my journey there were many times I wish I had never started the project. I had over 25 years of I.T. experience in SQL, Unix and relational database technologies and I thought it would be a stroll in the park!  How wrong I was I had underestimated how large and the number of tasks that would be involved in the implementation of this automatic UK horse racing handicap system.


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This book covers all aspects of this implementation including the algorithm that is used in the horse racing system to pick winning horse selections in UK handicap horse races automatically. When I say automatic what I mean by this is when the horse racing system is run a small selection of horses would be produced that could qualify as potential bets. With this in mind I would say the horse UK racing system was 95% automatic which is pretty good. How long would it take to trawl through horse form for every horse in every race!

I wrote this book to help punters create a similar automatic UK horse racing handicap system that works and explain the pitfalls so they can implement it quicker and more smoothly. You will need to be an existing punter who has the basic understanding of UK horse form and an above average understanding of computers.

Implementing a decent UK horse racing system cannot be achieved in days it’s more like months so be prepared to put some hard work into its implementation. An alternate solution is to outsource the work but this will cost quite a large amount of money. You will learn more implementing it yourself and gain some satisfaction from your labours.

I really hope you enjoy this book and implement your UK horse racing handicap system successfully and more importantly profit from the system on a daily basis.


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How To Implement Horse Racing Betting System

Where Do We Start?


When implementing an automatic UK horse racing handicap system you need to outline all the high level key components of the system in terms of,

  • Technology to be used in terms of software and hardware.
  • Horse past results data source.
  • Horse racing current declarations.
  • Horse racing system algorithm.
  • Horse selection reporting picking potential winning horses.
  • Securing your database.

Once you have the above list you can start adding more detail to these high level components of your intended racing UK horse racing betting system. We will cover each of these high level components in more detail in the book.

A word of caution it is better to spend time flushing out the detail of the high level components as the further you go down the road of implementing your system you do not want to realise you got the design wrong. We call this rework and it is very expensive in terms of time and money. When I was an I.T. freelance consultant a great deal of emphasis was placed on capturing functional requirements at a business level from the start and then implementing a high level design around this. If the design is too complicated it will fail, the high level design should meet the business requirements nothing more and nothing less. It is better to deliver these business requirements on time and working rather than fail because you were over ambitious or misunderstood the business requirements.

The old saying the devil is in the detail and how true this is!


Prototyping Your Implementation


This is how I started my implementation as I had a great deal of free time at night in hotels when I was a freelance computer consultant. I also performed prototyping whilst on train journeys or whenever I had free time outside normal working hours. In fact it actually became addictive sometimes I would be at breakfast in my hotel running prototypes.

The prototyping allowed me to identify potential problems earlier in the design so I could combat these before I was too far down the implementation cycle.

What did prototyping identify?

It was mainly ironing out the horses past results data and current race data formats what they looked like from the external data source I was paying for. Identifying horse form data source formats i.e. a horses weight of a 9-11 which is 9 stone 11 pounds would have to be converted to total weight in pounds to make processing easier.


  1. A horses name had a country code like (IRE)g. a horse name Claim The Stars (IRE) so I needed to strip this country code from the horse’s name. Please see code snippet how I achieved this using SQL –Structured Query Language.


/****** Start Of SQL Code Snippet


select distinct speed, hand, sp_char, master_hurdle_rating, master_chase_rating, trainer,jockey,master_adjusted_rating,master_unadjusted_rating,race_type,race_date,race_time,race_number,replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(horse, '(IRE)', ''),'(FR)',''),'(NZ)',''),'(GER)', ''),'(USA)',''),'(ARG)', ''),'(BEL)', ''),'(UAE)', ''), '(POL)', ''),'(BRZ)', ''), '(SWI)', ''), '(SWE)', ''), '(JPN)', ''), '(AUS)', ''), '(HOL)', ''), '(SAF)', ''), '(SLO)', ''),'(CAN)', ''),'(GR)', '') as horse,class,distance,course,going,weight,jock_club_rating,jock_allow,age,prize  from generic.curr_decs where race_type in ('FLT', 'AWF', 'FLT') and hand in ( '0', '1' )  order by race_date,course,race_time, horse


/****** End Of SQL Code Snippet

  1. Horse form data types and lengths i.e. horse name, jockey, trainer, course, going and many more. An example of this is the course data entity length 40 or 50 characters etc to store this data entity. These were some of the details that needed to be identified early in the implementation.
  2. Prototyping also allowed me to identify key data entities earlier in the horse form data source such as was the race a handicap or non handicap. Was the race a flat or all weather race and many more.

I like prototyping as long it does not cost me financially. I was able to load past horse form data and current horse racing declarations into simple database tables and iron out any data problems early in the implementation cycle.

I thoroughly recommend you adopt this prototyping approach when implementing your horse racing system. I approximately spent a month prototyping and I will not lie it was hard work and quite frustrating. When I say it took a month by the end of this period I had only loaded 1 year’s UK past horse race results into my database table Past Results Table. I also loaded a number of weeks UK current horse declarations into my database table Today’s Horse Racing Declaration Table.

During this first month I was constantly adding more and more horse form data entities to these two tables. I was also prototyping horse racing selections those that would be possible bets. I soon realised to make any realistic predictions of winning horses I would have to load 10 years of past results into the Past Results Table. By the end of this prototyping my two tables looked like below,

This was a crude database physical model as there were two driving tables with no real entity relationship modelling but it was well indexed and it was pretty fast in processing 10 years past horse form data on a daily basis. We will delve deeper into the implementation of the racing system I still use today after many years. I have never really changed this implementation but I certainly have used these database tables to model different horse racing systems effectively. This is the beauty of this is that you can data mine and it does throw some useful patterns which help you pick winning horses. My horse racing betting system only looks at UK handicap horse racing as I love solving this puzzle. You can also develop non handicap horse racing betting systems it is up to you.


The book 'How To Implement Horse Racing Betting System' is available on the website to help you implement your own UK horse racing betting system.