About Me

Early Days

I am a 50 year old man living in Cheshire in the UK in a non working farm house surrounded by fields and horses, I am a very lucky man indeed!

I have been a Computer IT Contractor since 1991 and can say I have never struggled for work. I have and continue to make good money from it and enjoy the variety of work and the independence it brings. It allows me to afford nice things for my family, home, holidays and cars.

However my main passion has always been horses and horse racing across the world. I went to my first horse racing meeting in my early 20's at Wetherby racecourse and was immediately hooked! Just watching these magnificent animals giving their best jumping these large stiff fences was a great sight to see.

I must say I soon realised picking winning horses was not that easy and understanding prices and probability was something not in my compass.

I continued to enjoy the horse racing sport as a recreational punter until my early 30's when I purchased quarter shares in national hunt horses and I had some great success, winning and being placed in numerous races. The most memorable was winning a Class 4 2m 4f handicap Chase at my local race track Bangor-On-Dee.

I must say I was quite emotional in the winners enclosure with my wife and small children. I know it was not the Cheltenham festival!

The light bulb moment!

I was on a long computer contract and holed up in various hotels 4 nights per week for about a year, this is when I would use my computer skills to model horse racing, this was my light bulb moment!

I first began designing a data model that could be used for all horse racing across the world. The next step was to implement this model in a database. As I was a database consultant in DB2 this was relatively straight forward.

I purchased a previous horse form data feed for 10 years of past horse races, this was raw horse form data which I had to clean before I could load into my database.

After 2 months working in the evening in my hotel room and the bar and becoming obsessed with finishing it I had a database that contained 10 years of horse racing result data that I could data mine and query. The next step was to write the computer program which was going to be the easy bit - or so I thought!


The Computer Program

One year of hell, temper tantrums, staying up 'til 4am at weekends was taking it's toll never mind my daytime job as a computer consultant!

I started with the national hunt horse racing first as this was my first love,  especially that legend of a horse Istabraq the best hurdler we will ever see in my opinion! 

The computer program coding went well and I started to see patterns as I was crunching 10 years of data for a horse in seconds. The slightest tweak to weight carried by a horse at various tracks in different class over various distances revealed some great data. I kept on fine tuning the programs until I had consistent results. 

After about 6 months working on the national hunt horse races I moved onto flat racing and then all weather races in the UK. I managed to code these computer programs in approximately 3 months as I had learnt so much from the national hunt races.

I was ready to write the systems in 5 eBooks and help fellow punters enjoy horse racing and make money.


 The Million Pound Payout!

At the time I had a number of customers who would pay me commission in return for me giving them my horse racing tips. This worked very well as I had serious punters who knew what horse racing was like the ups and downs.

One day my systems threw up 6 good horses so I emailed the horses to my clients and decided that I would put these in a Betfair mutiple bet, i.e. accumulators not really my type of bet. My wife was due to visit the hospital that day and I was a bit anxious. Whilst driving her to the hospital I had forgot to place the bet but I thought it was a fun bet and these bets winning are very rare!

My wife was fine and that was the main thing. Whilst checking my emails I noticed my clients emailing me expressing their thanks and sending me commision money on their winnings. That sinking feeling hit me! 

I slowly started checking the horse racing results hoping one selection had got beaten, no it was not to be all 6 horses had won and I missed out on a 1 million pounds payday!

My wife still reminds me today about it!

My Horse Racing Systems

Using my computer modelling has allowed me to produce six horse racing betting systems eBooks to promote a number of strategies. I recently added a Betfair Place market system that throws up large priced horses in the Betfair place markets for UK handicap horse races,  this is proving quite popular.

Betfair Place Market UK Horse Handicap System

If you are a busy person and want to find winners quickly I can recommend,

The Two Step Horse Racing System 

I will not describe all the systems but just wanted to highlight the popular ones.


Dutching Horses

I have just finished modelling dutching horses in UK handicap horse races. I will be documenting this over the next couple of weeks. So watch this space as I think you will like this as it does not back to a 80% book like most people do and then they cannot understand why they never make any money.

Horse Racing Betting Dutching System