Are Free Horse Racing Tips Worth It

This is an interesting subject when you look at the statement above you should ask yourself why is it free? The simple answer to that is it is a lead magnet to up-sell a service or product or to build an email subscriber list. I must confess I give free UK horse racing tips everyday on my website as I sell my horse racing systems books there. I also offer a free eBook to attract more email subscribers.

What I do not do is promote bookmaker affiliate links on my website as it something personal to me. I often see many websites crammed with bookmaker affiliates and it does not impress me.

My free horse racing tips allows potential customers to gain trust and make a judgement on my horse selections.

Are My Free Horse Racing Tips Good?


If you give out losing free horse racing tips everyday you will soon have no traffic to your website so I put a great deal of effort into my free horse racing tips as punters and future customers will be backing these horses with their hard earned money.

I also do not give out a large number of free horse racing tips, I tend to give out 1 or 2 quality tips per day.

My free horse racing tips do not always win but they are generally consistent and normally finish in the top 4 finishing positions.

My free horse racing tips tend to be in UK handicap horse races as these are my favoured races.


Free Horse Racing Tips Dilute Betting Odds?


As these types of tips are free and are available to anyone the betting market can be affected in terms of the amount of money being backed on the tips which results in the betting odds contracting. When betting on free tips it is better to use an exchange like Betfair and ask for larger odds. This is the only way to make money in the long term by backing at bigger odds.


Do You Take Free Horse Racing Tips Seriously?


If you are a recreational or Saturday punter then you are not a professional punter, someone who aims to make a profit from horse racing every year. Free horse racing tips give the professional punter no value they tend to go against the crowd and that is where they get their edge. In other words the professional punter does not follow the crowd!


My Free Horse Racing Tips


You can follow my free tips on the link below.

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