I never really took to dutching until 5 years ago and I had dabbled with it but got burnt with 33/1 shots winning the race and I had not dutched that selection! I think most punters have hit this problem along the way and the pain it gives you. In my early years of dutching I would dutch the top 5 or 6 in the betting on Betfair as approximately 80% winners come from these top 6 – yeah right!


How wrong was I, not to mention the high book value with this approach such as 85% book value or more, so virtually no profit for a high risk. One losing race would wipe out all of your profit for that days horse racing and this is what really frustrated me.

I started modelling UK horse races looking for the best dutching opportunities and started testing this with real money small stakes to begin with of £10. I always think you learn quicker when you use real money the losses seem to strike home more and they hurt.

Once I had identified the types of horse race and horses to dutch I set about designing and implementing a UK horse racing dutching system that would be profitable and more importantly easy to use by punters. This book outlines this UK horse racing dutching system and I hope you enjoy using this in the future.

This dutching system is very simple indeed and you might be wondering why I designed the dutching system this way. I have modelled many horse races over the years with complex race and horse selections and I have found that a simple approach to dutching works well. In the book I present Tips that will support this dutching system to allow you to avoid certain types of horse races and to maximise your profits. Now these Tips do not need to be followed as the dutching system will work just as well without these Tips but it is up to you how far you want to take your dutching and more importantly how much money you want to make in a year!


Dutching How It Works


What You Will Need


All you require to use this UK horse racing dutching system is the excellent free racing post on the internet and preferably a Betfair account or similar. A portal where you can place your dutching bets. I use Betfair as I get better decimal odds for my dutching selections more on this later.



Do not be shocked by how simple this system is but as you work through the examples we start adding more and more tips and functionality and gotchas to this dutching system. I wanted to start slowly with the first example so do just take your time and work through the book at your leisure.

There are a number of simple rules to follow before placing a dutching bet but you must not deviate away from these rules. These rules are designed to pick out the best races and horses to place your dutching bets. I am not advising you how much you should stake on your dutching bets that is up to you and your betting bank. But not to dodge this subject completely I would start with a minimum of a £10 dutching stake and increase when you gain confidence in the system.


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