One A Day Horse Racing System

I have written many UK horse racing systems over the past 5 years and some of these meet the criteria as one a day horse racing systems. Some of my horse racing systems produce a number of selections and some produce 2 or 3 selections. Not all punters are the same as some like to place lucky15 bets and some like singles and doubles etc. There are a wide range of bets you can place on horses the choice is yours. So which of my systems meet the criteria of one a day horse racing systems?


My favourite UK horse racing system book which I sell on my website and is my most recent one which I modelled and wrote and is titled UK Horse Racing Systems - It's Easy To Win. This book contains a number of horse racing systems some produce 2 to 3 bets. You can then either back them all or just back the one you like the most.

One A Day Horse Racing System

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I like this book because it contains a golden nugget horse racing system that finds large priced winners and looks at a horse’s past form in a different light and more importantly it’s quick and easy to use.

The book also contains a horse racing system that is great for the busy punter especially at weekends. It is a system that can eliminate horses in a racing post race card quickly leaving the cream of the crop to focus on.

Lastly the main horse racing system in the book can be applied to UK handicap and non handicap horse races. This requires more horse form studying but produces quality one to three bets per day.