Horse Racing Market Movers

I have spent a considerable amount of my time analysing horse racing market movers across UK and Irish horse racing Betfair markets. This involved capturing a large amount of Betfair horse racing market data at sampled intervals pre race off using specialised trading software like the excellent Betangel. This has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable as I am fascinated by data and data mining. This exercise did throw up a great deal of questions that needed to be answered.

I performed all of my horse racing market movers analysis on the Betfair UK and Irish horse racing markets.


Are Horse Racing Market Movers Winning Horses

I personally think horse racing market movers are potential winning horses but the Betfair decimal odds move of a horse or horses over a period of time cannot be used in its entirety. You need other Betfair exchange market data to support this if you are going to make a bet or trade pre-off or in-play. So what is this other Betfair market data or metrics needed in your bet/trading decision making when looking at Betfair market movers.

  • Horse selections Betfair decimal odds.
  • Time frame to analyse market movers 12 hours or 1 hour etc before a horse race starts.
  • What position is the horse or horses are in the Betfair horse racing market in terms of favouritism.
  • Is there more than one horse racing market mover.
  • Number of horses competing in the horse race.
  • Are you betting or trading these selections.
  • What country is the Betfair horse racing market.
  • Is the horse race a maiden/novice or handicap.
  • Are these horse racing markets jumps or flat or all weather horse races.
  • What is the volume of money traded on these Betfair horse racing markets.

The above is just some of the data and metrics you need to address and ultimately make some decisions on how you bet or trade pre-off or in-play.

My new book will point you in the right direction!


Horse Racing Market Movers

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