Betfair Trading Paperback eBook - Passive Income From Home Available November 2022

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Trading Betfair For A Living Book

Fed up with all the hype out there giving little snippets of information?

The endless videos showing 'green up' screen shots but they do not show a £100 'Red' position. Everything looks rosey, appearing to make easy money everyday. Why do they not show the pain learning to trade on the Betfair exchange.

This book gives the detail, the truth and the ways to make money on the Betfair exchange and no it's not hype!


The book focuses on automation of Betfair trades in the UK and Irish horse racing markets so it can run 24x7 hands free.  I like to spend my time pursuing other things in life rather than sitting in front of a computer screen all day!


The book contains two proven automatic Betfair horse racing trading strategies that work not hype this is why the book costs so much!


Ignore Hype All Roads Are Not Paved With Gold

When I started trading around 2007 I would watch endless videos on this subject such as watching £50 trading green up videos made to look so easy. How easy is this I thought time to pack in the day job and hit that beach watching the sunset in Barbados. I have actually traded from a beach in Barbados using my smart phone but that is another story. How wrong my perception of this ‘beast’ was, I call it a beast as I would constantly fight this beast everyday for a number of years learning new strategies to master it.

I will now give you classic examples of these £50 ‘green up’ videos that I encountered on my learning journey. The first ones are the popular horse dutching videos out there. It goes something like this we have a 10 runner race we dutch 8 of the runners to a 80% book value or near about with a stake of £100 and make approximately £20, not bad. Repeat this for four more races and we have made our £100 wages for the day and tax free, yeah right! These videos do not show the 2nd race being dutched which the 33/1 outsider has just chinned your horse and you have lost £100 and now you are £80 down and need 4 correct winning races to break even. Simply dutching the top  6 or 8 in the horse racing market to a high book will not cut the mustard as I used to find that the 7th or 9th horse would win the race and my wife had to listen to my constant moaning when this happened. In the early days and in my ignorance and naivety I persevered with this dutching strategy watching more of these videos looking for the golden nugget a bit like Jason and the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece. It took me 5 years to revisit dutching as a horse trading strategy but this time it was my view of the market and my bespoke approach that made me a consistent profit.


Another well known popular strategy is DOBBING which is double or bust where you perform a back to lay on a horse selection offsetting by 50% with greening . The only flaw in this is that you need some form analysis of your horse selections to ensure the horse hits the lay side of the trade in-running. These videos do not highlight that!

A novice or new starter entering into trading horses on the exchanges can be easily misled with all these easy money making trading strategies out there and many fall by the way side when the truth is known. The roads are not paved with gold which these videos portray. I have touched on two well touted strategies that have been covered extensively on the internet.  I am not saying you cannot make a healthy profit adopting these two strategies but how often does someone come along and offer you a cash machine?


Is Your Job safe for 2022?

I started trading in 2007 and trust me this was not easy,  I explain this in the book and what to avoid such as videos making it look so easy.  Watch a video and pack in your 9 to 5 job - yeh right give me a break!  What about the truth, losing three trading banks and a grown man crying before he realised the Betfair exchange market was not bullying him any more - the calm after the storm.

Would You Like A Passive Income?

This book has the following chapters.


Ignore The Hype All Roads Are Not Paved With Gold

Temper Tantrums

Two Betfair Exchange Horse Racing Trading Strategies That Work


Expected Daily Profits



The book Trading Betfair For A Living is a real view on this fascinating way to make money on the Betfair exchange trading the UK and Irish horse racing markets.