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Video Course How To Study Horse Racing Form Correctly In UK Horse Races




Worth £89


If You Are Not Profitable Don't Give Up!


Do you struggle reading and understanding UK horse racing form?

 When you have followed my easy steps to read UK horse form you will see horse racing in a different light and you will love every days racing. Not only that you will have confidence when you are analysing a horse race.

Understanding What You Are Feeling

I know how you feel when you are studying a horse race the amount of data to analyse and the complexity can be a mine field. You spend hours studying a horse race and then find you have just wasted your time when your horse finishes at the back of the field. I will not even mention the emotional effect of the money you have just lost!

I have stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading UK handicap horse form for the next day’s racing completely exhausted only to see my money depart my bank and my horses run terribly. This can make a grown man/women cry with frustration I have cried and I am not ashamed to say it.

 Most people throw in the towel after a series of terrible racing days I must have done this numerous times only to return to the battlefield raring to go with renewed strength and vigour. I think I have probably described what most people have felt sometimes in their lives and it hurts and it will constantly hurt until you understand reading UK horse from correctly and consistently.


I wanted to let you know that I have been in a position where most people have been and the upset and frustration when you keep reading horse form incorrectly. Most of the time people revert to 3rd party help because they think that is the solution to their problem, yes it might be but you are really taking the short cut out of a problem. When I was going through a bad patch I did this and regretted it as I found that these people were just as bad at reading horse form. It was a double whammy I would pay for 3rd party help and would be even more worse off. How stupid was I? Then I would go back to reading horse form and the cycle would start all over again fooling myself that tomorrow would be a better day.

To sum up I understand the emotions and frustration of the everyday person when attempting to read UK handicap horse racing form on a daily basis, I have earned my stripes on this not to mention the amount of money I have thrown away over the years.

I lost numerous battles but eventually won the war!

How I Can Solve Your Problem

I have identified 5 key components to reading horse form for a UK handicap horse race and I did not stumble on these by accident. You will very rarely see the horse racing pundits mention these on the TV or radio. Once you understand these 5 components to reading horse form you have the magic formula for selecting the correct horses in a UK handicap horse race. This is a unique position to be in and most punters will struggle all their life in achieving this. My reading horse form training course will fast track you to the enviable position of reading a horse race correctly.

This video training course will help you in how to study horse racing form correctly for the difficult UK handicap horse racing markets. But once you know how to read the form on these horse races it can be very lucrative which most punters avoid and stick to non handicap horse races.


Video Course Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. My UK Handicap Horse Ratings Report               

  3. Filtering Horses Based On Key Flags                                                                       

  1. Horse Filter Flags In Detail                                     

  1. Weight Difference                                                   

  2. Putting It All Together                                             

     7. My 13 eBooks Horse Betting Systems Bonus         


Bonus 13 eBooks Horse Racing Systems Worth £89!

eBooks Overview

All eBooks use the excellent free racing post website.

These horse racing betting strategies are a must for the serious punter.

1. Best Horse Racing System

The system works for UK Handicap and Non Handicap races but I tend to favour Handicap races as the prices are larger.

In summary the system works on four form variables LP CR OR and WD which can be easily calculated for a horse in a race.

horse racing betting strategies

 2. Betfair Place Market UK Horse Handicap System

This is a great horse racing system as it exploits the quite lucrative Betfair place
markets for finishing in the top 4 positions and in some races 6 positions!

horse racing betting strategies

3. Group Form Horse Racing System

The intelligent people do their homework first, understanding horse form is the
key, you cannot guess.

horse racing betting strategies

4. Horse Racing Dutching System

I soon learnt you cannot dutch horse races blind it is as simple as that. You need a strategy and you need to understand the correct horse form variables and horse races.

horse racing betting strategies

5. Horse Racing Secret System

 Many horse racing systems use traditional horse form variables such as course wins and distance wins via the usual public available horse form data! This horse racing system disregards these variables and focuses only on 4 key form variables which I believe are the key to profiting.

horse racing betting strategies

6. Horse Racing Form Guide

In this horse racing form guide I will outline the most effective way to read horse form for UK handicap horse races effectively and consistently and quickly as we all lead busy lives.

horse racing betting strategies

7. The UK Horse Racing Handicap System

Firstly we are only interested in UK Handicap Races Class 4, 5 and Class 6. These are the races were the golden nuggets can be found.

horse racing betting strategies

8. Horse Racing System Seeing The Light

The system works on 2 simple steps for UK races you might think this is simple but yes it is and that’s what we want!

horse racing betting strategies

9. The 6f 7f Furlong Horse Lay System

This Horse laying system concentrates on the UK Handicap Flat and AWF – All Weather Flat Racing at race distances of 7 furlongs and 6 furlongs.

horse racing betting strategies

10. The Longshot Horse Racing System

Another mistake the average punter makes is that they will take current SP starting price of a horse and not look for a larger price.

horse racing betting strategies

11. Most Profitable Horse Racing System

I have written double digit number of books on horse racing and as I explain in all my books horse form can be sliced and diced in so many ways! Horse form can
be interpreted by the individual with different criteria sometimes their emotions coercing their form analysis and decision making.

horse racing betting strategies

12. The Two Step Horse racing System

In summary the system works on two form variables AR and OR which can be easily calculated for a horse in a race.

horse racing betting strategies

13. Picking Winners No Longer A Problem

This horse racing system is so obvious but most punters miss it! When you start reading this book you will think what an unusual method to pick horses but you will soon notice how many winners you are getting and the profit you are making.


horse racing betting strategies

 There is nothing out there like this course plus you get all my eBooks I sell on this website for free as a added bonus!

Take your betting on horses to another level.


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