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Why People Struggle To Understand UK Horse Racing Form


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In my earlier years of reading horse form in UK handicap horse races I struggled, I could not link the key horse form variables like weight, the official rating of the horse and race distance and many more. If you have a 12 runner horse race by the time I had analysed the form for the 6th horse in the race I had forgotten the other horses I just analysed. When you add emotion into this like focusing on a horse you are fond of regardless of its form you are distracted. Another common problem I had when reading horse from was distractions via every day things in life like the dog barking or somebody at the door. In the early days I used a manual process noting down horse form variables and constant back checking it was a labour intensive process each horse race taking 20 to 30 minutes to analyse the horse form. Now there are on average four UK horse race meeting per day so there was a great deal of work to be done. Two of the major factors people struggle when reading horse form is concentration and fatigue. We now have computer software to crunch data more effectively and quickly and more importantly less prone to human error.

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