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Are You Ready For The Financial Crash?

I predicted the 2008 crash and told my friends at a football match it would happen and to make sure you have some cash reserves behind you.

Well we all know what happened!

Basically if you work in a job you are vulnerable it is as simple as that!

Plus you are trading time for money and is your income worthy of your precious time I think not!

It took me a while to understand that it's one big club and you are not in it.

If you are not in control of your destiny you are screwed.

As we approach Autumn/Winter that is when the interest rates and inflation will begin to hit hard.

Are you prepared?

I wrote a book that explains 7 ways you can make money under your control.

I have implemented all of these 7 ways to make money.

I wish I had this when I started life after University they do not teach this.

It's the usual crap get a job pay into a pension and enjoy it when you are 90 years old!

It disgusts me the minimum wage paid in the UK thats another chapter I will not discuss it here.

I recommend my book it might come in handy this year!


Real Examples Of Money Making Ideas Paperback Book

Most people earn money via a job where you give your skills and time for a salary. There is nothing wrong with this I was a freelance I.T. consultant for 25+ years and was paid handsomely for my skills and time. But there is one problem, if you are not commission based such as in sales or on large bonuses as a result of trading stock markets then it does not scale.

Over 6 years of implementing 7 proven ideas to make money and some are now 24x7 passive incomes. This book explains my journey over the past 6 years implementing these ideas. There are no wild claims in this book but real how to make money ideas. I explain the pitfalls and what to look out for and the plus sides of each idea. I wish this had been available when I started my journey I would have saved a great deal of time and money.

They will not teach you this at University!

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