Horse Racing Handicapping Books : Handicapping Confidential Book

The Secret Is In This Handicapping Confidential Book


Horse Racing Handicapping Books : Handicapping Confidential Book

I have modelled many UK handicap horse races using my own database and SQL programming over the last 5 years. I will say this was a frustrating exercise say the least! Sometimes I wished I had never started this journey. As a result of this modelling I have wrote a number of horse racing handicapping books. These books approach UK handicap horse races from various angles. I have never really been keen on betting on non-handicap horses like listed and group races I like the puzzle of horse racing handicapping. My last book around handicap races is my favourite as I have learned after analyzing and modelling 1000’s of horse races the pattern which will give me the highest strike rate. It is basically impossible to perform this pattern matching without the aid of a computer and software. I feel sorry for the many punters out there being led down the garden path by the media and even worse and then being offered compressed prices for horses.

So What Is The Pattern?

There are 4 variables and I will start with the two obvious one,

  1. The last BHB rating the horse showed some form. The past races where the horse was starting to come to the boil.
  2. The weight carried in this last race mentioned in (1) above.
  3. The number of days since the last race was run in (1) above.

The final step is the magic sauce which is the final step that brings it all together. This step is worth its weight in gold and this pattern dropped out after 1000’s races being analysed and some frustration and 4am slogs!

I recommend you purchase this book and all will be revealed!

The book is expensive as it should be!


Horse Racing Handicapping Books


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