How To Read Horse Racing Form Correctly

Reading horse racing form correctly is a rare skill and can take years to perfect. Some people are lucky and naturally have this ability. My preference is for reading horse racing form for UK handicap horse races. These types of races are a great puzzle to solve due to the weight allotted to each horse in a race based on their form in previous races. Basically the better the form and class a horse has the more weight is allotted to that horse to slow it down. This handicapping of horses gives the inferior horses in the race a chance of winning. But it does not always work out like that as some horses keep on improving until they hit a weight or class of race ceiling.


So What To Consider When Reading Horse Form In UK Handicap Races


In my opinion you are looking for any indication a horse is on a good mark and weight based on some previous race form. You need to look at each horse in the race and eliminate horses that do meet what I stated in the previous statement. Now this might seem a lot of work and yes it is but practice makes perfect.

One question you should always ask yourself is when reading horse form, is the horse improving or has the horse dropped to a mark it can compete on. Now you may not always know if horse is improving or it has suddenly reached its highest mark.

When horse hits highest official rating or mark they will tend to linger and struggle in races until the handicapper starts to drop their mark. Knowing the right time to catch the horse takes experience and effectively knowing how to read horse racing form.


One To One Remote Reading Horse Form Coaching

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After many years of reading horse form and modelling UK horse races with my own database and bespoke software I have now identified the right patterns for a horse in a race where they can effectively compete.

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