The Punters Lounge Horse Racing System

I have written many books on UK handicap horse racing systems which all had straight forward titles my new book is called the punters lounge horse racing system. I wanted a more relaxed book title as compared to the other titles on my books. I also wanted to write this book to allow the everyday punters who are sat in their lounges on Saturday or Sunday having a bet. The book offers a relaxed approach to picking winning horses in UK handicap horse races easily. These punters are recreational punters who want fun but make some money whilst doing this. Its great having friends around for a few drinks and eats sat in the lounge watching the TV betting on winning horses, who doesn’t want that every week!


The Punters Lounge Horse Racing System

Available 1st October 2021 In Paperback!

Only £15.78

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How Does The Punters Lounge Horse Racing System Work

I wanted the horse racing system to be quick and easy to apply to any UK handicap horse race. The punters lounge horse racing system has four simple steps to be applied to each race with ease by any punter with any amount of experience from novice to the professional. A key to this horse racing system was that it had to be affordable to everyone. This is a simple horse racing system that works and will probably be one of your most profitable horse racing systems that you follow. There are four horse form variables to the system that consist of two new horse form variables I really never took any notice of in the past but after modelling UK horse races back to 2019 I realised this was a proven horse racing system that is consistent and works in UK handicap horse races effectively. These two new horse form variables can be used in the future with any mathematical horse racing system and the maths for these two horse form variables is a simple addition which anyone with basic primary school maths can follow.

I do think punters become too obsessed with horse breeding and speed figures and many more and I consistently hear this being plugged on media portals like radio, sometimes I wonder is this just confusing the average punters lounge punter!