Free Horse Racing System

How to understand horse racing form.


Q1. Do you want to make money from racing by reading horse
form correctly?

Answer: Yes and consistantly.

Why do we place money on horses - because we want to win money. Let’s be honest do you really want to sit and watch the races from home or in the pub or even on course and make comments how well the horse ran and how the jockey performed.

NO! You want the winning bets, the cash in your hands. It is as simple as that. We all want extra money to spend. Money does make the world go around.


Q2. Do you have fun in placing bets and losing?

Answer: No! It is more fun winning.


Why throw money away?

Imagine you go into your local betting shop or via the internet betting sites etc. and place your bets ( Yankee, Lucky 15 etc.) . As you place your bet you can see your winnings, thinking how happy you will be, then at 6pm that evening you say to yourself, ‘oh it lost never mind, it was only a bit of fun!’ as you try to convince yourself.

It’s not fun losing, it is miserable you have just thrown away a percentage of your salary.

How long did it take you to earn that money, add up all the losing days/weeks and you will be surprised, probably a week’s holiday in Spain etc.

Get the picture!

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