Horse Racing Insider Tips

UK Horse Racing Insider Tips


This is an amazing topic and I think most punters are also fascinated by horse racing insider tips and the potential profit that can be gained from these tips. I used to always want insider horse racing tips when I was in my 20’s to the point where I bought shares in racehorses to get these! How wrong I was, basically these tips were available to everyone and the odds of these horses reflected this. It took me 30 years to obtain 2 horse racing insider tips these were double figured priced horses that won!

My personal opinion is that you have to own a racehorse outright and have a very close relationship with a trainer who trains your horse and even better be the trainer of your own horse. Secondly you need to understand horse form as your horse will be running in a race with other owners thinking their horse will win. Just owning horse outright does not guarantee your horse will win, it takes placing your horse in the right race and thus understanding horse form at better than novice level.


So Why Do Punters Get Excited About Horse Racing Insider Tips

The answer to that is winning money and making a healthy profit it is that simple and knowing you have the edge over the bookie. But if you do get this golden nugget of information the next problem is getting your money down on the horse. Ok if you are just placing ten pounds on the horse then no problem. But what about getting £20K on your horse now that is a bigger problem and this is the dilemma today for professional punters. You can use agents to place your bets on the horse but yet again this requires planning, coordination and trust.

If you are a casual punter betting £10 on a Saturday horse racing insider tips will not change your life so pursuing these tips is a waste of time and effort. You should certainly not pay for these horse racing tips.

How Do You Find Horse Racing Insider Tips

This is a good question and the answer is they are very difficult to acquire trust me. When they are available normally every man and his dog will know all about these so called horse insider tips. If you owned a horse that is expected to win a race you would keep it a secret why would you not. Now you might get wind of it by some ones mistake via a casual conversation at the pub. If you find a good source for tips then you will most likely have to pay a great deal of money for these. So in a nutshell horse racing insider tips are the golden nuggets that are difficult to find.


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