UK Horse Racing Betting Systems - 12 Systems

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The Unique UK Horse Racing System Collection

This comprehensive 12 UK horse racing systems 380 Page Paperback!

This book contains 12 proven UK horse racing systems mainly around UK handicap horse races. The horse racing systems vary from normal backing systems, lay system, Betfair place market betting and finally the popular horse dutching system with a twist. I have added a final chapter on how to implement a horse racing system at the end of the book which is a working system that I use.


Are You Fed Up With Losing Horses?


I think we can all safely say YES we do not mind the odd loser as this is part of horse racing and you have to accept this. If you are listening to pundits or following popular free horse tipping websites giving out multiple horse racing tips daily then you have no chance!

I can never understand why punters just throw their hard earned money away every week when betting on horses. You could say it’s a bit of fun no it’s no fun losing money how can it be. Let’s say you lose £10 per week that is £520 per year, to me that is a week’s holiday in the sun or some new clothes etc.

When I hear people doing the national lottery week in week out I am amazed how they can throw their money away. You might as well save the money and at the end of the month put it on horse that is evens. If the horse wins you have a nice meal out if it loses you would have lost anyway on the lottery!

So How Do You Stop The Losing Trend?

It starts with you wanting this losing trend to stop and it takes will power and discipline to do this. You need to learn how to pick winning horses and it is easier than you think if you know how, it requires some work as all things in life do. You need a systematic approach that can be followed every time you look at a UK horse race. This approach should be second nature after a while and you can measure your success by your profit and ultimately your bank balance.

Start Today There Are No Excuses!


The Right UK Horse Racing System For You

 There are many horse racing systems you can find on the internet some paid and some free. You very rarely get things for free in life and you cannot expect a free horse racing system to produce the golden nuggets. This does not mean the more you pay for a horse racing system the better it will be it does not work like that. You need to find a horse racing system that is within your budget and will return a profit every year.


My Approach To Picking Winning Horses

So what is the best UK horse racing system, this is not an easy question to answer and sometimes it involves trial and error.  My book has a collection of 12 UK horse racing systems that will suit most punters needs so you have a better chance of finding the right horse racing system for you. The book is reasonably priced as it took a great deal of effort in writing and testing the systems with real money!

I use one of my many UK horse racing systems which I sell on my website and my wife uses a totally different one from mine. I have written many horse racing systems and when followed they produce profitable results daily. Every morning I follow my horse racing system and then back any horses that are good bets for the day. I do not chase losses or look for opportunities if my horse does not win. When you follow my horse racing systems you will get into a daily routine and become very efficient at picking winning horses and it also make you more disciplined. My horse racing systems will reduce time trawling through horse racing form so you can spend more time on other activities. You should view backing horses as a way of making money not for fun!

If you do not take backing horses seriously give it up!


The 12 UK horse racing systems are as follows

Best Horse Racing System                                                                        

Betfair Place Market UK Horse Handicap System       


Horse Racing Betting Dutching System       


Horse Racing Betting Secret System       


Horse Racing Form Guide UK             


The UK Horse Racing Handicap System     


Horse Racing System Seeing The Light

The 6f 7F Furlong Hope Horse Lay System                                            

Most Profitable Horse Racing System           


Picking Winners No Problem     


The Punters Lounge Horse Racing System 

How To Implement Your Own UK Racing System   


ISBN: 9798758803264

Publication Date :  3rd November 2021

Ink & Paper Type : Premium colour interior with white paper

Trim Size : 21.59 x 27.94 cm 

Paperback cover finish : Glossy