Best Horse Betting Strategies

My Best Horse Betting Strategies Opinions

I wanted to write this article about best horse racing betting strategies and highlight the journey over the years on developing these stratgeies. I never intended to write books on horse racing betting strategies I just ended up following a natural path towards this. Sometimes in life you intend to go in one directiron but end up somewhere else! Over these years I have met some great people in horse racing and some not so I thank the ones who helped me on my way.

I started betting on horses when I was in my late teens early twenties and at university. I must confess at that time I had not got a clue!

I really did not know what I was doing in my 20’s as I was busy with a job, going on holidays the usual young man’s activities. Ok I might get the odd big win but in general I lost most of the time which was to be expected. I put very little effort into my horse form study so what did I expect to get.

As life settled down and I was married and family responsibilities were at the top of my list I started to put a bit more effort into my horse form studying. I used a well know publication Timeform black book product were I was sent in the post weekly updates to the book with current horse form and previous races.  This was really the turning point in my horse betting. I would sit there back referencing horses in this large horse Timeform reference book which took some effort but was well worth it. I used to take this Timeform book to the Cheltenham jumps festival in March as I would encamp there for 5 days. I would spend weeks prior to the Cheltenham festival identifying horses that I thought would make me a profit. My strike rate was improving and I started to put more hours into my horse racing.


How To Start A Horse Tipping Business


In my early 30’s I decided setup a subscription based horse tipping service and market with full page colour adverts in the racing post and the weekender. I employed someone to provide the tips and handle the customers. I was too busy as a freelance computer consultant so it made sense to get someone to run the tipping business. The business was great fun at first but the mounting marketing costs were rising and some punters complained when they got a loser but did not mention the two winners they had the day before. Social media was not around at the time so paper adverts and marketing via post was the order of the day. I soon realised I might as well shut the business down and concentrate betting professionally myself. Life is all about lessons and the best ones are when they cost money!


Owning Racehorses


I was a big national hunt fan in my 30’s and loved Istabraq that champion hurdler that set the jumping game alight at the Cheltenham horse racing festival in March. I decided I would get quarter shares in hurdlers and chasers and had some great fun winning and being placed a number of times. I thought having shares in horses and I mean a quarter share not 100th of a share in horse that I would get an edge, wrong! Unless you own the horse outright have a secretive stable then the betting market soon highlights a gamble being played. That was the end of my horse ownership period.


How To Develop Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies


In my 40’s I decided to use my computer skills in database and SQL – database query language to process horse form data to give me an edge. This was fascinating to re-run computer models tweaking form variables like weight, speed and many more and combing horse form variables based on 10 years of past horse from data. I became obsessed looking for patterns that would give me that edge which I knew I would meet that goal. I started only to look at handicap horse racing as this presented the biggest challenge but would give me the most profit. I initially looked for golden nuggets like double figured priced horses 20/1 33/1 etc. Yes I did find patterns and my earlier horse betting strategies did throw up some good horses at great prices. As I could write computer code I would spend most of my time modelling horse form data and producing horse betting strategies. These are now documented and I sell these on Amazon and my own website

I also took the extra steps to automate these strategies and generally rely on 3 of these best horse betting strategies on my website for my daily punting. I have put the links below to my best horse racing systems or strategies.


Most Profitable Horse Racing System

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies
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UK Horse Racing Betting Handicap System

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

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Best Horse Betting Strategies


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The Betfair Betting Exchange


The arrival of Betfair and other betting exchanges was the best thing that could have happened regarding my betting. This was for two reasons.

  1. I could obtain better decimal odds in-play sometimes 100.0 for a initial BSP of decimal odds 6.0 for example for one of my horse selections. Why punters take BSP is beyond me!
  2. I could mix and match my betting by straight bets to win and back to lay trades which proved to be very profitable. I would say now I back to lay more and spread my bets across different price ranges in-play on a fancied selection.

I do not really lay horses on Betfair only on AWF – all weather racing 6f and 7f horse races at very low decimal odds 1.13 in-play.


The Future Of My Horse Racing Betting Strategies


I will continue to use advancements in technology with new data mining tools being available and improve on my edge!

I think technology for best horse racing betting strategies is not being exploited enough. Most horse racing form tools are list based filtering on horse form data like OR – Official rating or course wins which allow the export of horse form data to be loaded into Excel for further analysis by a punter. Most punters do not know programming languages like ‘R’ and python and many other programming languages and data mining tools out there. This in my opinion is where the gap has to be filled. Maybe the major bookmakers will be utilising this technology to their advantage and thus have the edge over the punter. With a bookmakers overround combined with technology it’s a lethal combination.