Best Laying Horses Strategy

Best Horse Laying System


Some punters make a lot of money from laying horses as a horse racing betting strategy i.e. wanting the horse to lose so they win and make a profit. If you lay a horse in a 12 runner horse race you have 11 other horses running for you that could win the race. It sounds so easy that you can make riches every day but how so wrong. Laying horses is not as easy as it seems as there are many factors you need to check and understand when laying horses.


Horse Laying System


I started laying horses many years ago and yes I learned the hard way losing a great deal of money in other words I earned my right of passage! You cannot lay horses blind some of the variables you need to consider below when laying horses.

  1. The horse race type.

Is the horse race a handicap or maiden or listed race? This is very important as good horses with consistent form running in higher graded races tend to win more often than not. With handicap horse races horses are allocated weight based on their past races. The horse’s chance of winning a race becomes reduced when the weight allocated to a horse slows it down so much. So handicap horse races might be the best to lay horses in. You just need to know if a horse has too much weight to win the race.

  1. The starting price ( SP ) of the horse you are laying.

This is very important as this is the mathematical probability of your horse selection winning the race. If your horse you are laying as an SP of 2/1 or decimal odds 3.0 then the horse has a 33% chance of winning the race. If you lay a horse at 9/1 then yes they will not win as often but look at your liability when it does win.


  1. What price do you lay your horse selection.

I use the betfair betting exchange to lay all my horses in running or in-play at a lower price than the SP or betfair starting price ( BSP ). This is to reduce my liability if the horse wins but more importantly to achieve a long term profit. If my horse selection I want to lay as a BSP of 3.0 I might lay this horse at 2.4 in-play. If you start laying horses at decimal odds 1.3 then yes your liability is low but more horses will win than lose at that price.



  1. Is your horse selection improving or running off a mark they have won off before.

Horses win races if they are improving or running off a mark they have won off before it’s that simple. You need to pay attention to this as this is a key factor in laying horses. You can have a situation where you have a short priced favourite that has been improving. It might have won its last two races so punters will be backing this horse in its next race shortening the price due to market momentum. This might be a good opportunity to lay the horse as it might be a bridge too far for a horse winning three races in succession.


  1. Course And Distance And Going Horse Laying Factor.

Some horse thrive at certain courses and win more often than when they race at other courses. Some horses like flat tracks i.e. park tracks like Kempton. Some like courses with a stiff uphill finish and so and so on. We can apply this thinking to the ground the horse is running on soft or heavy etc. The distance of the race is a major factor has the horse won at 1 mile etc or is the horse dropping in distance from 6f to 5f.


  1. Obtaining a niche to lay horses.

I only lay  horses on AWF – all weather flat races at distances of 6f and 7f I have found this to be very profitable. I took this further and automated this laying horse system using the excellent Betfair trading tool Bet Angel. I can recommend this horse racing system which I sell on my website.




You need to assess all aspects of a horse’s chance of winning a race. I have mentioned a few areas above to investigate when you doing your horse form. One bit of advice I strongly recommend is never lay a horse at its starting price ( SP ) or betfair starting price ( BSP ) but lay at lower price in-play. Never lay horses at large odds like 20.0 as they do win or as I would like to say your boat will come in I guarantee it!


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