Betfair Exchange Horse Racing

Betfair Exchange Horse Racing Why I Like It

Before the betfair exchange existed my punting was using traditional bookmakers at fractional odds who offered only one price for the horse or horses you were betting on. The bookmakers are in the game to make money so they had to factor in an over round in other words their profit for the race they had priced up. In those days I was an ignorant punter not looking for value and thus lost more than I won.

I like betfair exchange horse racing as you can request decimal odds for any selection in the horse race so if we have a horse at BSP – Betfair Starting Price of 3.0 I could ask for 4.0 it might get matched pre-off or in-play it will certainly get matched in-play if it loses. Asking for larger odds is a game changer and it is the only way to make a profit in the long term.

I can never understand punters using bookmakers when you run the risk of the bookmaker restricting your account when you are winning. When you place a bet on the Betfair exchange you are betting to a small over round so you are obtaining the correct decimal odds for the horse. Would you want to take odds of 4/5 for tails on the flip of a coin when it should be evens? Most punters are blind when it comes to betting odds and are willing to back horses at the current SP. I sometimes check bookmaker prices for horses and compare these to the Betfair exchange horse racing decimal odd and the difference for certain horses is jaw dropping. I have seen horse that I fancy at 12/1 at bookmakers odds compared to decimal odds of 19.0 on the Betfair exchange. By the way that horse selection won that day! If you would have backed my selection with a traditional bookmaker you would have lost £60 profit now multiply that by number of winners over the year at that price range.

I use trading software which interfaces to the betfair exchange horse racing so I get speed at 40ms and automated bets and greening up. This allows me to pursue other activities and removes emotion and possible mistakes by human error.

Try Betfair exchange horse racing you will not be disappointed well done to betfair and their great website. I did forget to mention that betfair do offer great bonuses.

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