Dutching Horses For A Living

Dutching Horses For A Living In UK Handicap Horse Races

Exciting News!

I am now offering a monthly service were I supply the VIP horses to dutch across UK handicap horse races.

This is a game changer for people who take  dutching horses seriously!

VIP UK Horse Dutching Selections

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I have written many UK horse racing systems or horse racing betting strategies and this one I really enjoyed due to the simplicity of this dutching horses for a living system and how easy it is to apply.


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dutching horses

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The system uses the excellent free racing post website where you can obtain all the form data you need to use this system. Plus you do not have to be a form expert to understand it.

You should aim at using Betfair to place your dutch bets due to the better prices and the ability to get even better prices pre-off the race.


Why I Wrote The Dutching Horses For A Living System

I use the excellent Bet Angel trading tool software that allows me to place my horse racing dutching bets quickly and understand the total book value I am betting to say 40% very quickly.

You can calculate the total book value manually and there are plenty of free dutching calculators online, excel spreadsheets etc.

When I started dutching I watched many Youtube videos on the strategy and tried these but kept on losing a majority of the time i.e. not making a profit long term. A typical racing day would consist of say 4 small profits say £1 to £2 profit for 4 races for a £10 dutching stake and then get wiped out with a losing bet so basically I would be in a negative position. I was dutching to approximately 80% book value which normally consisted of the top 5 or 6 in the betting market for a horse race. What made this approach so infuriating is that there could be 10 horses in a race I had 5 of them to a book value of 80% and still lose!

This is when I decided to aim for more profit per horse race i.e. a lower book value say 30% to 50% and never break this rule.

So if we adopt this dutching strategy for the 4 races mentioned earlier and aim for our maximum 50% book value limit. We would profit approximately £9 per race if our horse won. So 4 X £9 = £36 as opposed to 4 X £2 = £8. This new approach allows us to absorb losses and still be in profit.

Ok you might argue you have a better probability winning with a 80% book value as compared to 50% which is correct however it is high consistency but low profit.

I soon learnt you cannot dutch horse races blind it is as simple as that as you will lose. You need a strategy and you need to understand the correct horse form variables and horse races.

In this page I will show you a simple system to dutch horses for a great profit.

Let’s get started!

How The Dutching Horses For A Living System Works

The horse dutching system works for UK Handicap Horse Races only!

You will need access to the internet and the Racing Post website this is free.


I am not going to explain horse form in detail in this book as this is not required. This horse racing system is a step by step process that you just follow and is not ambiguous.

The horse racing dutching system consists of 4 simple steps below, I will explain each step in detail later.


Step 1 Choose A UK Handicap Race You Want To Place A Dutching Bet

Step 2 For each horse in the race from Step 1 above, identify it’s last handicap race where it finished in the top 3 positions i.e. 1st ,2nd ,3rd  and record the horse’s  BHB ( OR – Official Rating ) it ran off.

Step 3 From Step 2 above we now list the horses in BHB ( OR – Official Rating ) descending order i.e. the horse with highest BHB ( OR – Official Rating ) first with the lowest BHB at the bottom of the list.

Step 4 From the list of horses in Step 3 above we now select the top 6 highest BHB ( OR – Official Rating )  horses in the list. These are the horses we will place our dutching bet subject to another qualifier which I will explain in the book later.

So how do we use these top 6 horses from the above steps? 

We calculate the book value percentage of the 6 horses and ensure it is below or equal to 50%. If we have a low priced horse in the list then this normally blows this book percentage, so we just leave the race alone.

This is how simple this horse racing dutching system is but I will show you later in the page how to choose the best handicap races to dutch in.

So using an example race below,

Below are the Betfair starting prices for the Newcastle 6.45 10th March 2020 Winner Dawaaleeb 25/1

Horse                              Betfair BSP ( Betfair Starting Price )


           Dawaaleeb                      34.00  

           Helovaplan                      13.50

           Tangled                           19.19   

           Little Jo                            6.40    

           Samphire Coast               5.88     

           Global Art                        12.50  


Using a free dutching calculator on the internet ( search via Google ) input the above decimal odds ( BSP ) and a stake of £10

Based on the above Betfair BSP starting prices the book value was approximately 56% returning a profit of £7.74 for a £10 dutching stake which is not a bad profit. We have a total return of approximately £17.74 where £7.74 is profit.

On this particular day I actually dutched this race as I obtained larger prices ( decimal odds ) for the 6 horses so my book percentage value was less than 56%. This is the advantage of using the Betfair exchange ( not Betfair Sportsbook ) for dutching.

Remember we are after a decent profit here not small profits!

Lowering Your Book Value Percentage To make More Money

As mentioned earlier in the book I use Bet Angel Professional trader software to allow me to dutch and obtain higher prices for my horse selections and thus a lower book percentage value. These higher prices do make a difference in the long term. My approach is always to place dutching bets into the Betfair market 10 minutes pre-off the race and ask for a couple of ticks higher than the current price. Do not try and ask for large price movements like 8.0 for a horse that is currently trading at decimal odds 6.0. If I see horse trading at decimal odds 5.1 on Betfair I might ask for decimal odds 5.5 i.e. an extra 4 ticks. This does make a big difference to overall profits in the long term.


Dutching Horses For A Living

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