Horse Dutching

Horse Dutching Introduction

I am not going to explain what horse dutching is as there are plenty of articles out there that go into detail about this popular betting strategy. What I will explain is an alternate horse dutching system  which goes against the trend. A majority of horse racing punters dutch to high book values like 80% or even higher.  This is completely the wrong approach for obtain long term profit.

What Is The Best Book Value For Horse Dutching

Most horse racing punters dutch to high book values like 80% or more so say we dutch using a £10 stake at 80% book value then you will profit approximately £2 if your horse dutching selections wins and lose £10 if your dutching selections do not win the race. The flaw with this approach is that you need a high strike rate as losing one horse race means you have to win 5 races to recoup your money. So a typical scenario we start our racing day pick our first horse race to dutch and we stake our £10 for a book value of around 80%. Great news we win approximately £2 and now we continue looking for horse races to dutch at a book value of around 80% and after 4 successive wins we are feeling happy and we are approximately £8 in profit after staking a total amount of £40 across the 4 horse races. Now when do we stop dutching horse races for the day are we happy with £8 profit. Now we say to ourselves I will just dutch one more horse race and guess what it loses and we lose our £10 stake. Now we will probably be in small profit position or small loss position but we risked £50 for that outcome.

I have seen many videos on punters showing how successful they are at dutching using a 80% book value they never show the losing races which wipes out your profit.

Using Horse Racing Systems For Horse Dutching

I have written a number of books on horse racing systems focused primarily on UK handicap horse racing. It was while modelling and testing these racing systems that I uncovered a horse dutching system. More importantly the system selected races and horses which offered a low dutching book value. This horse racing system would dutch horses in a race for a book value of 30% to 40% and the strike rate was very impressive. Of course all bets did not win but my profit was extremely good so I could absorb losses easily. The horse racing system is very selective with the races as potential targets for dutching and the same applies to the horses in the race. The races and horses have to meet a certain criteria which the horse racing system book explains. I have left a link below to the book.

Horse Dutching

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Why You Need Horse Form For Horse Dutching

If you dutch races backing top horses in the betting to a book value of 80% or more you will lose in the long run. Even covering three quarters of the field does not protect you from the 33/1 shot winning and they do! If you can read horse form well then you can dutch horses to a lower book value and make more profit. Of course this takes hard work and some punters do not like that. Understand horse form certainly gives you an edge and asking for larger prices on your selections lowers the book value as well. But being too greedy with prices can be the undoing of your horse dutching bet.

Conclusions On Horse Dutching

Horse dutching is a great method or strategy for making regular and consistent profits on a daily basis but it has to be approached in the right way with an entry and exit strategy. Blindly dutching horses is a fast track to emptying your betting bank very quickly. Horse dutching to a high book value will not work as a long term strategy. The 33/1 rag horses often pops up to steal the show or you have baked the top 6 horses in the betting and the 7th horse wins! We have all seen this scenario before. Backing to 80% book value you are risking more than your return so you have to be ultra consistent.