Horse Racing Betting System

I have written approximately 16 books around horse racing betting systems which I have modelled on 10 years horse racing results mainly around UK handicap horse racing. These horse racing systems cover the different types of betting on horses as follows,

  1. Straight backing of horses to win.
  2. Laying horses to lose.
  3. The popular dutching horses strategy of backing multiple selections in a horse race.
  4. Betfair place market, backing horses to be placed in a horse race.
  5. Backing long shot horses at double figure odds.

These are just a few I have mentioned there are many more systems.

Developing and writing of horse racing systems has been fascinating and I am lucky that I have automated some of these it certainly saves me time and effort now.

So what is a horse racing betting system

It is a manual or automated system that presents a series of logical steps to help your betting on horses and ultimately make you money. The system should not be open for interpretation by the punter who is using this and that is why I prefer automated systems to eliminate this behaviour and error. The horse racing betting system should have a starting point and an end point and after applying the system to a horse race the output should be potential bets or no bets hence being called a betting system. You could view a system as a set of instructions to follow as if you were building a flat pack piece of furniture. The instructions have to be precise and work with the contents of the flat pack. So in a nutshell a systematic approach to betting on horses allows the punter to follow proven steps in betting on horses.

A very simple horse racing betting system could be to back the favourite in a race 5 minutes before the race starts but the favourite must have odds greater than 4/1.

Another simple system could be to back the 2nd favourite in a horse race when the favourite’s price is less than evens.

Now these are very simple systems and you would not make a profit in the long term but these horse racing betting systems do exist and punters do use these to my amazement!

My horse racing systems are very in depth as they should be if you want a serious system that makes long term profits.

Do all horse racing betting systems work

In my opinion you can really only answer this question if you have access to the horse racing betting system and have used it over a long period of time. This should be judged by your profit and loss statement in your betting account. Most punters will start using a system and after a losing run of horse selections they will put it to one side and move on to the next system that will provide the golden nuggets they so strive for. You should really only paper trade a new horse racing system until you fully understand it and so you do not lose your betting bank. There are horse betting systems that promote a strategy of doubling your stakes on the next horse if the previous selection has lost. These types of systems are plain ridiculous and you can soon hit a high consecutive losing run. There are systems that use a fibonacci sequence approach and many more mathematical implementations but in my opinion these do not work in the long term. I know from my own development of horse racing systems using my own computer horse form database and bespoke computer software it is very difficult to implement working and more importantly profitable systems.


Why horse racing betting systems are difficult to implement

I am from an I.T. background and have a computer science degree plus I have worked in the industry developing software and database administration for 25 years. When I started modelling horse racing betting systems I tried a one shoe fits all approach and soon realised I was on to a loser from the start. There is so much data that exists around horse racing to process that I needed to focus on certain types of races using the correct horse form data that was available. A few examples of this data are the types of racing flat or jumps or novice or handicap horse racing to concentrate on. There is so many statistics produced for each horse to process like weight or ratings and many more. Now my horse racing betting systems use 1000’s of horse form data and data mine and aggregate this data. These systems work around the UK handicap horse races only as I personally like these types of races. So in a nutshell you have to understand horse form data at a detailed level to write horse racing systems and that is why they are so difficult to implement.


Some of my popular horse racing betting systems


Dutching horses is a popular betting strategy that consists of betting a number of horses in a race to increase your chance of winning. Basically your betting stake is spread across these horses in the race. My horse dutching system approaches this in a different way it keeps the horse selection book percentage very low so you make more profit. Most punters will back to a high book percentage say 80% which gives you very little profit plus you need a high strike rate of winners to profit long term.

This is our best seller!


Horse racing betting system

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This horse race betting system works around the Betfair betting exchange place market looking for high priced placed horses that you will profit from if they are placed sometimes up to 4 and 5 places. Once again this horse racing system focuses on UK handicap horse racing only. With this system you are not backing a horse to win the race but to be placed at high decimal odds.

Horse racing betting system

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This horse racing system works on a small number of horse racing form data variables and is a simple but is an effective system. The great asset of this racing system is that it is very selective so it is ideal for punters who only want a small number of bets.

Horse racing betting system

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I love this horse racing system it works again in UK handicap horse races and identifies long priced winners. This system is for punters who can ride the losing runs and understand double figure priced horses win fewer races but when they do you make a decent profit.

Horse racing betting system

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This was one of the earlier systems that I wrote and it is a two step system that is extremely easy to follow. This is great for punters who do not want to trawl through massive amounts of horse form data.

Horse racing betting system


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Implementing your own horse racing betting system

I wrote an extensive and detailed book around this subject named ‘HOW TO IMPLEMENT A UK HORSE RACING SYSTEM’.

This book is not for the faint hearted it requires a detailed knowledge of horse racing and a strong computer background. This book walks you through all the steps required to implement a working horse racing betting system.


Horse racing betting system

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I hope you have enjoyed this article and a thousand words do not give this subject justice.  I wish you all the success in your horse racing betting systems whether you purchase these or even better implement them yourself.