Horse Racing Handicap Ratings

Horse Racing Handicap Ratings Made To Look Difficult


Most of my books revolve around UK handicap horse racing and I really like one of the first books I wrote was,

‘UK Horse Racing Betting Handicap System: Took 2 Years To Computer Model’

This book presents a great way to assess a UK handicap horse race and has produced some great winners for me and my customers,

           29th November 2019   Kempton 7.00 Lord Howard  Winner : 9/1

          15th May 2019 Bath 7.55 Top Rock Talula 1st 3/1    Betfair In-Play 12.0

          4th May 2019 Newmarket 4.10 Moyassar  1st 10/1

and many more!

With this book you can work out the horse racing handicap ratings quickly and pick out the juicy bets which most punters would not see as they are following the crowd or the media. I have had great reviews from customers regarding this book who regularly email me of their successes.

I think people over complicate horse racing handicap ratings and make it seem more difficult than it is!

It is not some complicated science or a hard mathematical formulae that eludes most people but it is relatively straight forward process. You never see pundits on TV or the radio discussing this in detail. They will normally make a statement ‘running off a good mark’ and that is it. What on earth does the average punter do with this is beyond me. The pundits should explain more and say analyse one race on the card in detail end explain this to their audience then we would see what they really know.

Horse Racing Handicap Ratings

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This book will change the way you look at UK handicap horse racing and with practice it will certainly make it more profitable and more enjoyable.