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We normally put up one to three good free horse racing tips every day for UK handicap horse races only, because this is the type of horse racing we love. These free horse racing tips are available on our website before 12pm on the days racing. We do not include short priced horses as part of our free horse racing tips as we like decent returns from our betting. We do advise punters to obtain larger prices on the excellent betting exchange Betfair. We also recommend with our free horse racing bets you also obtain larger prices at decimal odds on Betfair in-play, in other words while the horse race is being run. You will make larger profits in the long term with this approach. Backing at SP is the route to the poor house!


Why do we offer free horse racing tips


Punters comment on why we give our horse racing tips for free and why we do not advertise bookmaker affiliates on our website. It is because our main business is selling our excellent UK horse racing betting systems books available as eBooks or paperback. Our free horse racing tips are normally derived from our horse racing systems so we like to add value for our customers. We believe you should give more value to the customer when they exchange money for goods it is that simple. We do not advertise any bookmakers on our website why would we? Yes we could earn an affiliate commission every time a customer signs up with a bookmaker. We only recommend our customers use the excellent Betfair betting exchange and not the sports book and we do not earn any commission from this. We find it extremely rewarding when our free horse racing tips win at juicy odds we believe we are giving something back to the punter. Let’s be honest picking winning horses is not easy and making a profit even harder in the long term.


Do our free horse racing tips win


Yes our free horse racing tips do win but not all the time as these are not machines but living and breathing animals. We tend to pick horses at decent decimal odds on Betfair so mathematically this is as expected. You cannot expect horses at decimal odds of 11.0 that is 10/1 in old money to win every race! What we do find is these types of free horse racing tips often get placed so you can exploit the Betfair place betting market for 4 places. Now we could give out short priced horses but you have to get a high strike rate to make this profitable in the long term. We do have losing runs as this is to be expected when you are betting on horses. We do not advise ACCA bets on our selections but like them to be backed individually. Remember it’s hard enough to get one winning horse never mind three!


Do we offer a staking plan with our free horse racing tips


Quite simply the answer to this question is NO. We let the punter decide on this and assume our punters understand betting on horses to some level of ability i.e. betting banks etc. We like the simple approach no convoluted betting strategy like doubling your stake if the first free horse selection loses I think we have all seen these types of horse betting strategies. We bet on all our free horse racing tips so we feel the pain when they lose and joy when they win.


Conclusions on our free horse racing tips


We want all punters across the world to have access to our free horse racing tips and make profit in the long term. We do not exchange free horse tips for something in return like bookmaker affiliate commissions. Sometimes it is better to give than to receive we think the world would be a better place for it.


Enjoy our free horse racing tips everyday!


Free Horse Racing Tips

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