Simple Horse Racing System That Works

UK Simple Horse Racing System That Works


I have written many books about UK horse racing systems and horse racing betting strategies all looking at the different facets of this fantastic sport. Picking winners is not easy and even the professionals struggle. After modelling multiple UK horse racing systems over the years I have gained considerable expertise in developing UK horse racing systems for all horse racing codes. I am fortunate to have a professional computing background so I have managed to write my own bespoke software for all of my UK horse racing systems. I am in a very good position to answer the question ‘Are there simple horse racing systems that work’.



What Is A Simple Horse Racing System That Works


Sorry to bring you bad news but I have to be honest here in my opinion there are no simple horse racing systems that work. Think about it if there were the bookies would go out of business as everybody would be making money. The phrase ‘making money is easy’ is not true, you are paid in proportion to the value you provide or the problem you solve. Now a simple horse racing system could be just to back a certain jockey and some people do. Another is to back horse number six and so on. Yes indeed these are very simple systems but these will not make you long terms profits and would you place large stakes on horses produced by these simple systems I would not! Using one of the two simple systems I have mentioned above how can you expect to make money following these types of  horse racing systems. You would be very naive in thinking so but punters do follow these with the hope of hitting the jackpot one day.


Why Simple Horse Racing Systems Do Not Work


There are so many horse form variables that have to be considered when backing a horse. When I was writing software for my horse racing systems the list of these variables was endless. For example two basic horse form variables like the horses BHB or official rating and the weight the horse is carrying in a race. Then we can look at the class of race the horse has been running in and the race type like flat or jumps racing. So I have mentioned 4 horse form variables already and that is just scratching the surface.  If we looked at a horse race on the flat over a one mile and we used a simple horse racing system that picked number 8 and backed that horse. Now imagine we had a horse ( not our selection number 8 ) in the same race that had a high rating but we did not know that as we had not bothered to check. Another scenario the favourite ( not our selection number 8 ) of the race was decimal odds 2.0 which is evens in old money, that horse has 50% chance of winning the race. Do you understand what I mean simple horse racing systems do not work in the long term but might randomly pick winners of races.

If you want a simple horse racing system that has a better chance of winning is to follow a top jockey through the horse racing season and back their horses at higher decimal odds than the Betfair BSP while the race is being run.


Why Punters Like Simple Horse Racing Systems


Basically punters like simple horse racing systems as they do not want to spend hours doing horse form it is that simple. Unfortunately life is not like that I have computerised all of my horse racing systems and horse racing betting strategies as I wanted to have the best chance of picking winning horses without spending 24 hours per day in front of a computer screen. Yes I spent 6 months writing the computer programs to do this but it now saves me time every day.




My advice is not to bet on horses unless you have done the hard work in assessing horse form or purchase systems that have been written with proven results and profit. I can never understand punters who bet for fun you have to work hard for


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