So How Do We Pick Winning Horses

There are number of ways to pick winning horses in UK horse races and some have more success than others so we will look at some examples below.


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Use A Quality Tipster

There are some good and bad tipsters and trust me when I was new to horse racing back in my early twenties I used a wide variety of horse racing tipsters with varied results. The down side to using tipsters is the cost you have to pay them and you are just following the crowd which really gives you no edge. Good tipster’s horse selections are monitored and hence their odds are slashed by the bookmakers and it is difficult to get the money down. Bookmakers are no mugs and they are not in the business to lose money plus they have large resources behind. If I was to recommend you using a tipster it would be if you did not have the time to study horse form. Also I would recommend paying the tipster based on the profit they make for you so you could agree to place a stake £10 on their selections at SP for them and that is what they make if their selections win and nothing if the horses loses. I owned a tipping service that operated like this may years ago and it attracted the right type of punter!


Use Free Horse Racing Tips On The Internet

There are numerous websites you can find free horse racing tips but what is the quality of these free horse racing tips?

There is an old saying you pay for what you get so being free would mean not a lot!

If you are using free horse racing tips then you are a recreational punter and should be prepared to lose in the long run. I would also advise you using small stakes or money you can afford to lose.

If you want a bit of fun then free horse racing tips are ok and you can follow one of the more profitable free horse racing tipsters.

If you want be more than just a recreational punter then this not how to pick winning horses.


Back The Favourite On The Betfair Betting Exchange

This is a strategy in how to pick winning horses free. Favourites do not always win races and short priced favourites get beaten. One approach is to bet in UK handicap horse races and spread your initial betting stake on the top 3 favourites in the betting in the horse race i.e. dutching a popular method. Make sure the favourite’s decimal Betfair odds is larger than 5.0 you will then get a small race book value so a nice profit if any of the 3 favourites win the race. You can also expand on this and use this method in the lower class horse races like class 5 and 6.


Follow The Money And Odds On Betfair

Some punters follow the volume of money being backed on horses on Betfair mainly the top 3 in the betting and combine this with horses shortening in the betting. Yes this strategy does work but I am not a big fan of this approach. I would rather ignore these horses and back other horses in the Betfair market I like to go against the crowd.

There is no real skill to this approach and it is flawed as there is no horse form analysis being performed. Studying horse racing form is the key in my opinion in how to pick winning horses it’s as simple as that. Unless you own a horse that is a potential group horse running in a handicap race then I see no other way around in picking winning horses as a non recreational punter.


Following A Top Jockey

This is an easy way to pick winners as the top two or three jockeys have many winners every day but a top jockey might have 6 rides that day, which of their horses do you back?

My approach to this would be to back the largest priced horses and leave the shorter priced horses alone. So you could back only a jockey’s horses whose decimal odds is greater than or equal to 5.0. This then eliminates the number of bets you are having and potential losses. You can improve this betting approach by asking for larger decimal odds in-play on Betfair on these selections.


Follow A Trainer Who Owns The Horse

This is a great way to pick good priced winning horses and especially if the trainer is from a small training yard. If the trainer has a son or daughter jockey who is riding the horse then even better!

Small training yards have to make their money some way so it goes to say that training a horse is expensive so they have to recoup training costs and make a living like us all.


I have put together a video training course on How To Study Horse Racing Form Correctly

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How To Pick Winning Horses