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UK Handicap Horse Racing Strength Indicators - Paperback

UK Handicap Horse Racing Strength Indicators - Paperback

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I have written many books around UK handicap horse racing and I have certainly learnt a great deal over the years and I am still learning now. I am fascinated by repeating patterns in horse racing form in handicap horse races. I am from a computing background and studied at university for a computer science degree. This enabled me to build a bespoke horse form database with 10 years plus of data which I keep up to date on a daily basis. I have also been able to data mine this database to identify repeating horse form patterns. In this book I will discuss in detail three patterns that pops all the time which have given me success when betting on horses in UK handicap races. Not all of these horses win as horses are not machines but they are generally placed in the first 3 finishing positions.

Latest Results 22nd May 2023

 Carlisle 3.10 Papa Cocktail 11/4 Won

Windsor 6.35 Haymaker 100/30 Won

In this book I will explain the repeating horse form patterns in some detail and then I will explain how you can use these patterns using the free racing post website to select potential horses to bet on. I will also outline example races and results.

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