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UK Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work


I graduated from University with a computer science degree many years ago when a degree meant something! I was always interested in horse racing and was fascinated in solving the UK horse racing form puzzle. I started my own computer business in my early 20’s where I made good money and travelled across Europe. It was at this point in my life I decided to start a horse tipping business where I had weekly full page colour adverts in the Racing Post at £2K per advert and offices. I left the running of this horse tipping business to staff who were responsible for all parts of the business while I concentrated on my computer business.

In my late 30’s around 1990 I decided to use my computer skills to computerise and model UK horse racing form using a database built with 10 years of detailed horse racing form. It was over a period of 2 years that I concentrated my efforts on UK handicap races in conjunction with the betting exchange Betfair. This is where I believed maximum profit could be gained.

The computer model allowed me to process 100’s of handicap races per day and then formulate my system tweeking a horse’s weight and BHB or OR ( Official Rating ). I must confess this was a difficult puzzle to crack even with a computer program that I wrote to crunch the data. I eventually found the correct weight and BHB rating for a horse based on it’s last performances in handicap races.

This eBook outlines this system and can be manually applied easily using the Racing Post on the internet.

Punter’s can be fickle people which 95% of them have no understanding of horse form and probability.

If you can back horses at higher prices then you will make money!
I regularly back horses that have a starting price of 2/1 and get 10/1!

Most punters want winners everyday regardless of the price and the horse’s real chance of winning that race, this is where the bookmakers clean up.

Please take your time and practise these systems and more importantly understand in-play betting odds on Betfair exchanges. You do not need to the use betting exchange you can back using normal bookmakers.

Please enjoy!

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