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This is a great free UK horse racing system that can be applied quickly to any UK handicap horse race. This horse racing system throws up some big priced winners!

A typical day 11th December 2020

11th December 2020 Southwell 5.15 Duke Of Firenze 20/1 Won

11th December Bangor-On-Dee 1.30 Snuff Box 9/4f Won

11th December Cheltenham 3.35 Come On Teddy 11/2 Won


So How Does This Free UK Horse Racing System Work?


It comprises of 4 steps to be applied to a UK handicap horse race. You will need access to the excellent racing post on the internet which is free.

Let’s go!

Step 1 Select a UK handicap horse race.

You can see the screenshot below highlights a UK handicap horse race in the race title underlined by red.

You must only pick horse races with the word ‘Handicap’ in the race title!

Free UK Horse Racing Systems


Step 2 For each horse in the race card you are trying to find a suitable bet look at the horses last races. Select a past race were the horses has finished 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th and note down the weight it carried in that past race. You will need this for Step 3.

Step 3 Now we need to calculate the weight difference in pounds for the horse identified in Step 2 by subtracting the past race weight from the weight the horse is carrying today ( on the race card ).

If we look a race card in the screenshot below, I have highlighted the weight of horse Regal Eagle underlined in blue which is 9-11  ( 9 stone 11 pounds ). We subtract the past race weight qualified in Step 2 above from 9-11.  Please note 9-11 is 9X14 Pounds + 11 pounds = 137 Total Pounds.

  • Work in total pounds when subtracting weight!

A horse only qualifies this step if the weight difference is less than or equal to -10 pounds. If not ignore the horse and move onto the next horse on the race card.

Step 4 This is an easy step the horses past race identified in Step 2 must have been run no more than 20 days ago. Basically the horse must have finished in the top 4 positions in a race it competed in no more than 20 days ago.



Free UK Horse Racing Systems

The horse Duke Of Firenze which won at 20/1 on the 11th December 2020 is a great example. It came 4th in its past race on the 1st December 2020 carrying 9-0 ( 9 stone 0 pounds ). Which is a weight difference of -11 pounds and it ran its past race 10 days ago. So the horse qualified for all four steps.

This is a great system and does produce some good winners plus it’s a quick free UK horse racing system for the punter who has a busy life.

I hope you enjoy it!

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