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Free Horse Racing Insider Tips


At we do not provide horse racing insider tips or free horse racing tips as generally insider tips are out in the public domain and every man and his dog are backing these horses at contracted prices. We believe that punters profit more from understanding horse form and working out the race puzzle themselves. We feel when our customers use our wide range of horse racing betting systems not only do they profit from them but they obtain satisfaction they did the work and figured out where the winner would come from in the horse race. Most punters cannot be bothered to put the work in when looking at horse race form our horse racing betting systems are easy to follow and are available in paperback and as eBooks. We have a wide range of horse betting, dutching and lay systems. We provide support to all our customers as we believe reading horse form is a learning process.

Why would someone or horse tipping service give you their horse racing insider tips for free they would benefit more by just backing these horse tips themselves and make more money. Normally there is always a bookmaker affiliate link promoted around these horse racing insider tips and the mug punters follow these links. They then tell their friends about the horses which then affects the price of the horse tips. The mug punter is backing horses at contracted prices and the cycle is repeated.

I have not meant to be negative here but just to put some rationale behind horse racing insider tips and why you should not back these.

Use our horse UK racing betting systems and your punting will be more profitable and more enjoyable.

Happy punting!

Horse Racing Insider Tips
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