Exchange Horse Trading Book - The Market Is Basically Giving You The Money


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The Market Is Basically Giving You The Money

27th September 2023

3 Trades £38 In Profit So Far Today!

 3 trades

1 won

2 lost

 25th September 2023

2 Trades £80 In Profit!

2 trades

2 won

This is a great in-play exchange horse racing strategy with great profits from small stakes.

Book Contents


Some Traders Make It Complicated                                                         

Why I Do Not Like Trading Pre-Off                                                           

Summary Of How The In-Play Trading Strategy Works                    

Betfair Market Odds Movements                                                                                         

A Typical Days Trading                                                                             

Other Examples                                                                                                             

Tailoring This Strategy                                                                                   

Bonus Large Price Trading Strategy                                           

Scaling For A Full Time Living                                                             

Automating These Trading Strategies                                    

My Automation Rules File                                                                         


£252 Profit in 4 days!

This is a game changer!

17th September 2023

5 trades

4 won

1 lost

For £10 stake profit was £130.

18th September 2023

8 trades

3 won

5 lost

For £10 stake profit was £75.

19th September 2023

6 trades

2 won

4 lost

For £10 stake profit was £7.

20th September 2023

6 trades

3 won 

3 lost

For £10 stake profit was £40.

Total Profit over 4 days £252 staking £10 per trade.

This strategy is in-play whilst the race is running!

 On Sunday I had this running on auto pilot drinking Barbados Banks beer in the garden at home ( UK ). People who know me know I love Barbados nearly drowned there but thats another story.

There are no returns on this book.

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