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Exchange Place Betting Horse Handicap System 

I have written a number of racing systems but this one is unusual in that I am targeting only the Betfair place betting market and not the win market. Secondly it only applies to UK handicap horse racing. This is a great horse racing system as it exploits the quite lucrative Betfair place markets for finishing in the top 4 positions and in some races 6 positions!

We will delve into this horse racing system later in the book but I have a unique proposition for you at the end of the book and I think you will like it so stay focused.

The Exchange place betting book covers,

  • How The System Works.
  • Best UK Horse Racing Markets
  • How To Select The Correct Horses
  • Summary Of The System
  • Past Race Examples
  • Bigger Prices In-Play Betfair Place Market
  • Laying Off Your Bets In The Betfair Place Market

Best UK Horse Racing Markets

To obtain the maximum profit out of this betfair place betting system you will need to understand which are the best horse races ( Betfair placed markets ) to bet in. We look at an example horse racing day on the 13th March 2020. Yes this was the Cheltenham Festival but we will also look at ordinary Monday’s horse racing as well.

We are only interested in UK handicap horse races so this makes our selection process a little easier.

Understand the system before placing bets, I hope you enjoy it.


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