The 6f 7f Furlong Hope Horse Betting Lay System


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The Best 6f 7f Furlong Lay System Laying Horses For A Living

This Horse laying system concentrates on the UK Handicap Flat and AWF – All Weather Flat Racing at race distances of 7 furlongs and 6 furlongs. You make ask why I lay horses to lose in these types of races? I have modelled years of races and these are certainly the best races to participate in. This horse laying system does not focus on a specific horse but all the horses in the race and this is the simplicity of this horse laying system! The system does not use compounding or doubling your stakes which is a quick route to the poor house.

Automating Laying Your Horses On Betfair

The great thing about this horse laying system is that can be easily automated using a Bot like Bet Angel which I use to lay these races everyday on Betfair.  There are other Bots out there  which are just as good.

The horse laying system can be used manually but a Bot will make it a lot easier to lay horses in 6f and 7f races. You can arm the Bot in the morning and then leave it to run automatically while you do something else.

Liabilities Laying Horses On Betfair

What I like about this horse laying system is that your liabilities if a horse wins the race are very low so you only have to get one lay right and you are well in profit to absorb any losses that day!

Many horse laying systems use 'doubling' your stakes method where by you double your stakes on the next race if a particular horses you have layed wins the race.

This is completely wrong!  

How can people promote this method it is stupid and your trading/betting bank can be soon at a zero balance.


Is It Easy To Lay Horses For A Living?

Yes if you have a strategy, laying horses blind then you will be broke it is a simple as that. One strategy is to lay the field where by you lay all the horses in a race at say a price of decimal odd 3.0 on Betfair. You might think this would work, wrong again you might get the odd race right but I have tested this at various odds and you need to identify the correct races to lay horses in.

Why Buy My Horse Laying System?

  1. It is profitable as it focuses on 6f and 7f horse races.
  2. It can be used manually or via Bot for full automation.
  3. The liabilities are very low when a horse wins so you can absorb losses easily.
  4. No 'doubling' your stakes to crawl back losses from previous races.
  5. I use it every day laying horses for a living.


You will not be disappointed!


ISBN: 9798644712076

Publication Date :  10th May 2020

Ink & Paper Type : Premium color interior with white paper

Trim Size : 21.59 x 27.94 cm 

Paperback cover finish : Matte


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