Most Profitable Horse Racing System


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Most Profitable Horse Racing System That Is Consistent

This is a bold statement to make to say the book is the most profitable horse racing system!

This is my latest horse racing system book and I have written 13 over the last 6 years but this book is made up of experience of modelling horse form data over this period.

I originally set a price for the book at £18 as it reflected the value of the contents of the book and the effort it took me to research and test the system. 

I wanted to make this horse racing system available for everyone's pocket and to make their horse racing more profitable.


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How The System Works.

Explanation Of The System In Detail

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How Does The Most Profitable Horse Racing System Work?


This UK and Irish Handicap horse racing betting system contains 4 simple steps to identify potential winning horses in a horse race. I wrote this system so that busy punters using the excellent racing post on the internet for free can find profitable horses quickly in handicap horse races.

I like this book because I have added some optional extra filters to the horse racing system to improve the quality of selections and to achieve a better strike rate.


A Horse Must Be Unexposed.

This is important in handicap races as it means the horse has probably not reached it's maximum ability and thus the horse is not overburdened with weight and thus not slowing it down. The book explains how to look for these horses in UK and Irish handicap horses races.  When horse starts it's career it can improve or regress and you only find this out after a number of races. The key is to find unexposed horses that are improving and combined with other horse form data make it a good bet.

A Horse Must Have Consistent Form.

When we say a horse has consistent form it has been finishing in the top 3 positions in it's last races. Again this is very important as we know the horse is in good order and hopefully it will run it's next race the same.


The Weight The Horse Carrries Must Be In Range.

I have outlined above two important factors that contribute to a most profitable horse racing system. The final factor is the weight the horse is carrying  as we say 'weight is a leveller!'. I took 4 bags of sugar 2 pounds in weight each equalling a total of 8 pounds in weight. I carried them around the house for 20 minutes I certainly knew I had the extra weight. Horses can only carry so much weight against it's rival in a a race before losing. Remember a handicap horse race weight is given to the horses based on their ability. This is to ensure all horses have some chance of winning the race.

Combining the above three factors are a summary of what the book explains in detail and how to apply it to handicap horses races.

I have written numerous books on horse racing but most profitable horse racing system is my favourite hope you enjoy.


 The book is available in paperback and eBook.

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