Best Horse Racing Tips For Today

How Many Best Horse Racing Tips For Today


In the UK we have many horse races that occur daily from 3 meetings to 6 or 7 on a Saturday or if it’s a festival like Cheltenham in March or Royal Ascot. So we have many opportunities to place a bet or do we? I personally do not bet everyday as I am quite selective about the horses I bet on. I generally find the best horse racing tips for today are generally in UK handicap horse races as you seem to get the better prices and combine this with the betfair betting exchange I obtain even better prices for a bet.

Where To Look For The Best Horse Racing Tips For Today

This is a good question and there are many websites to acquire horse racing tips some of these are good and some not, the racing post is excellent - I generally find free horse racing tips serve no benefit to the average punter. The reason behind is that free tips are available for everyone to place a bet on and more importantly the betting odds of the tips would be greatly reduced and thus you will lose in the long run. In life you pay for what you get you cannot buy a high performance car for the same price as a family saloon car. In my early 20’s I paid for horse racing tips and found these were considerably more profitable than free tips. Also I need to mention free tips are usually a way to entice new customers as future paying prospects for horse racing tips.  So to answer this question you have two options,

  • Research tipsters where you have to pay for the tips checking reviews do not ask for free tips as this tends to lead to nowhere. A better approach is to ask for a discount on the first months tips so you can assess how profitable they are.
  • Another option is to purchase horse racing betting systems and learn how to select the best horse racing tips for today. I sell many horse racing betting systems on my website which I wrote and tested and more importantly I use myself and make a profit.


Follow The Money Best Horse Racing Tips For Today

A simple method to obtain the best horse racing tips for today is to follow the money on the betfair betting exchange. When I say follow the money I mean determine the volume of money that has been traded on a horse and more importantly determine if a horses price  has shortened. You should look at this data say 3 minutes before a race starts as all the players, bookmakers and shrewd punters have played their hand. One key thing to this approach is to ask for bigger decimal odds in-play for a horse selection as backing at the current price you are taking a discounted price for the horse. Now do not be greedy when asking for a bigger price as it might not get matched in-play but it will certainly get matched if it loses. Another filter with this horse betting system is to back horses that are less than decimal odds 3.7 but ask for a bigger price in-running. This is a simple way to obtain the best horse racing tips for today and it costs nothing.

Best Horse Racing Tips For Today Affiliate Links

These are twitter posts were you click on a link that takes you to free bets normally around a Lucky 15 on a website that is plastered with bookmaker affiliate links. When somebody clicks on bookmaker affiliate and joins and places a bet with the bookmaker the website owner gets paid a commission. Personally I hate this tactic as there are many mug punters out there who follow the link. This is another reason I do like free tips as they are used for this type of practice.

Some recommened horse racing betting systems.


Most Profitable Horse Racing System

Most Profitable Horse Racing System