Horse Racing Betting Strategies

UK Horse Racing Betting Strategies


I have written many books around the subject of UK horse racing betting strategies using the Betfair exchange. Some popular horse racing strategies like dutching horses or dobbing have been around for many years. These are simple strategies and are very profitable if implemented correctly. They do require some horse form analysis as you will lose money just using these strategies blind with little thought.


What Are The Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies


In my opinion the most profitable horse racing strategy requires hard work when reading horse racing form. There are no short cuts here believe me I have been there. I have computerised many of my horse racing strategies but I still manually check the horse selections the software has produced. I like to back horses as single bets on the Betfair exchange at higher prices than the Betfair BSP – Betfair Starting Price. I will occasionally place win doubles bets on two horses these tend to be short priced horses. This was great when the Betfair multiples feature was available this has long been removed.


A Betfair Place Strategy


In this horse racing betting strategy I am targeting only the Betfair place market and not the win market. Secondly it only applies to UK handicap horse racing. This is a great horse racing strategy as it exploits the quite lucrative Betfair place markets for finishing in the top 4 positions and in some races 6 positions!

You will need access to the internet and the Racing Post website this is free.

You will need an account on the Betfair Betting exchange as this horse racing system does not work with conventional bookmakers. Please note it must be the Betfair exchange and not the Betfair sportsbook.

To obtain the maximum profit out of this system you will need to understand which are the best horse races ( Betfair placed markets ) to bet in. We look at an example horse racing day on the 13th March 2020. Yes this was the Cheltenham Festival but we will also look at ordinary Monday’s horse racing as well.

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Horse Racing Betting Strategies